Thursday, June 05, 2008

How Does That Grab You?

In case you missed it, the following occurred a while back:

Grab your puke bucket folks, reading the following rant from Rosie O’Donnell’s fat mouth could make you vomit that sausage McGriddles you ate for breakfast.

ROSIE O’Donnell’s blue humor made faces red when she emceed the Matrix Awards in front of 2,000 feting New York’s most accomplished women in media at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom.

The loose-lipped lesbian dropped the F-bomb as Barbara Walters lowered her head on the dais and covered her face with her hand. O’Donnell concluded a rant about Donald Trump by grabbing her crotch and shouting, “Eat me!”(I’m sorry, but Rosie the only person that’s eating you is doing so because you have lots of money, and that includes Kelli.)

O’Donnell also said she was sad when Trump called her “disgusting” and “fat” because, “it was always my dream to give an old, bald billionaire a boner.” (Dream on, Rosie. It couldn't happen, not even if he doubled up on the Viagra.)
How does that grab you, Rosie?
How does that mess your mind?
How does that grab you, Rosie?
You've really got a big behind.
- With apologies to Nancy Sinatra
Here we go again.......

Do we really want to know? Do we really care?

Finally on a venue that's more fitting of her talent and character, Rosie ended her feud with shock jock Howard Stern and appeared on his show. She admitted to Stern that although she fought with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she finds her rather attractive. She said her former co-host on "The View" is pretty, but she doesn't "want" her. (I'll bet that revelation surely upset Liz!)

She said that while Hasselbeck doesn't rock her boat, there is one famous woman who does: Angelina Jolie. "That one I can go, 'Oh my God!" she stated. "She's got a little darkness, a little kind of weird sexuality going on." (Watch out, Brad! You've got competition.)

Then she said has a thing for Tom Cruise. (I doubt that he wants any part of your thing, Rosie.)

Matthew McConaughey turned you on while slow talking his way through a description on how to make beer-can chicken? (Something tells me it was the chicken and not the man!)

WTF, Rosie? Just because Tyra Banks felt and squeezed your boobs, all of a sudden you are a desirable woman? Did you really have to pant afterward?

I'm going to cut this post short, I think that Sausage McGriddle is about to be launched ...



Skunkfeathers said...

Rosie's the perfect progressive; revolting in every way ;)

74WIXYgrad said...

I think I liked Rosie better when she was still in the closet. I think someone should put her back in the closet, lock the door and throw away the key.

NYD said...

You really shouldn't pick on Rosie.
She's an easy target.

I harpooned her six times last week without really trying.

In Japan Whaling is still kinda legal

Hale McKay said...


Funny how she makes so many enemies, isn't it?

Hale McKay said...


I guess she's fat and ugly she was made to be obnoxious too so blind people would dislike her.

You're right - she's an easy target - right up there with Hillary.

Hale McKay said...


Thanks for dropping by. Well put, she should've stayed in the closet.

I slipped on over to your place and left a comment. I really do remember Joe Charboneau.