Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Reflections

Moms have Mother's Day,

Dads have Father's Day ~

What do single guys have?

Palm Sunday!

Women dream of world peace,
a safe environment and eliminating hunger.

Men, on the other hand,
dream of being trapped on an elevator with

the Doublemint Twins.

It Occurred To Me that Father's Day, unlike other celebratory calendar dates, has not been subjected to the phenomenon of "Registries."

People can make up their wish lists for baby showers, wedding showers and receptions, and even house warming parties, and then submit them to a Registry. This not only saves invited guests the hassle of figuring out what to buy, but it also compels them to buy items that appear on a list or a registry of preferred gifts.

Of course it didn't take long for those who construct their "wish lists" to pick the most expensive, top-of-the-line items. In all fairness, this is usually practiced by greedy spoiled brats. Who knows how long before this registry game will be applied to Easter and Christmas as well. Dare I say that one those brats is currently scheming to register a menu for Thanksgiving? Yeah, that's the ticket, let our guests pay for all the food!

Getting back to Father's Day, maybe I should have registered. There's a few things out there I wouldn't mind having, a 52-inch plasma TV perhaps? Nah, I'm not that high maintenance. Having said that, there are some interesting toys out there.


They make cell phones that do just about anything these days short of maybe doing the laundry or cooking meals.

It was only a matter of time before some company developed a cell phone with "X-ray" capabilities. Just think of the possibilities!

With one of these babies, I would feel safe knowing whether or not a suspicious person is carrying concealed weapons. Other than for security purposes, I can't think of any other practical use for an X-ray phone.


With the price of gasoline these days, more and more people are using motorcycles, scooters and bicycles to commute to and from work.

A side-mounted ramjet gives this bicycle some kick-ass zip!

Look out pedestrians!

While I love my daughter very much, I often wish that we'd also had a son.

It would be cool to sit down in a bar and have a beer with a son!

To everyone who is a father - and to everyone's father -




74WIXYgrad said...

Even though I read your words on Monday, I will write you also on Monday. Happy belated Father's Day.

I always thought that the special day for our bosses was Mother's Day.

Hale McKay said...


I think you are right. There certainly is more attention, and rightfully so, given to Mother's Day.