Saturday, May 09, 2009


Welcome to a tour of some unused pictures and images.

There is no theme to these particular pics being posted today, except that they have nothing in common! Oh yes, I had plenty of ideas for a post today - but none of them were any good!

The first pics actually do have something in common. They are pics of some the craft projects I used to make. These were two I could have sold, but my wife liked them and grabbed them by domestic imminent domain!

This welcome sign was hand-painted on a piece of slate.

This seaport scene was hand-painted
on the top of the seating area of a stool.

Proof Positive: Do Not Tail Gate!

'Nuff Said?

He was told to stay away from that hole in the fence.
Did he listen? Nooooooooo!

Knowing that her man liked hot buns...

Roy always strove to stay abreast of things.


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