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The Strange Story of Mr. Black and Ms Gray (46)

Part 46 of an original tale that delves into the unexplored realms of the human mind. Hired by her lover to find a raven haired beauty, Benjamin Bering must avoid the local police as well as the agents of a nonexistent government agency who are after him and the woman. There are just two problems. The woman is in a coma and her body has been stolen. (Part 1 can be found HERE.)

Two For One: Double Cross

We had put everything behind us.

King, Gates, Check Mate, Michael and Michelle, telepathy and mind transfers ... they were disjointed names and words.

We stood hand in hand gazing upon an idyllic glen overlooking a bubbling stream, its banks lined with a sea of pastel flowers. Bees were busy collecting the bountiful nectar as they flew from flower petal to flower petal unwittingly pollinating the plants they visited.

A gentle breeze stirred the flowers, giving the effect of ripples radiating outward upon a pond. It was the same breeze that with its invisible fingers lifted and cast her sandy hair unfurled about her face. I watched the sway of her hips as she skipped ahead and claimed a grassy spot beneath a large oak.

She set down the basket and dutifully spread the blanket upon the ground. Turning to the basket, she uncovered the bread and cheese before removing the bottle of wine. She pursed her lips and cooed, "Won't you join me for a drink, darling?"

I said nothing but stood still, my arms folded across my chest. She could sense that my eyes were looking beyond that bottle of wine and the two stemmed glasses she was clutching in her hands. She leaned forward to allow the v-neck of her pink shirt to reveal a more panoramic view of the tops of her perfect breasts. Rising to her feet she winked and said, "I guess the cheese and wine can wait."

I had to catch my breath as she lifted the bottom of her shirt and slowly, entrancingly pulled it upwards. She turned her back to me as the shirt came free of her body, suspended by her fingertips at the end of her extended arm. When she turned to face me again, her hands were cupping her breasts, denying me the pleasure to gaze upon them. Her right arm slid across her body, covered her breasts and kept them from view. Her left hand slid down across her flat abdomen until it came to rest upon the snap at the waist of her short white cutoffs.

She moved her hips in a circular motion, the undulations evoking a stirring within my loins. I could hear the zipper parting, a faint whisper as her shorts parted until the first curls of hair were visible. She let the other arm slide away from her breasts. She smiled and said, "Finally, this is the time and the place."

She was frantic in her movements as she began to pull my shirt from my body. Even as the shirt was being pulled over my shoulders and head, I had been busy unbuckling my pants. She leaned closer and her lips touched my neck, but not before her hardened nipples were grazing my chest. I let gravity take over as my open pants began to slip down my hips, ultimately however, halted by an obstacle within them.

She was quick to come to the rescue and to take matters in her own hands. She reached inside and repositioned the hardening obstacle until the pants fell to a heap about my ankles. Our bodies were glistening from the warm sun and the heat being generated within us. I eased her down onto the blanket.

The pent up desires and our wanton lust were too great to be denied any longer. The ritual of removing our clothes had been all the foreplay we could stand. I hovered above her only long enough for our lips to forcibly meet. She pulled me down onto her ... and into her. I paused for but one moment to say, "I love you." Her only response was to fold her legs about my back.
At first the voice was distant and unclear, 'Mr. Bering ... Ben! Susan! Can you hear me?'

'Go away!'
I screamed inside my head.

'Oh no! No! No!' Susan's despair echoed.
I opened my eyes to find myself in the sterile environs of the screening room. Dave's face appeared before the backdrop of the ceiling overhead. His words were terse, "It wasn't real."

I shifted my weight in the chair. The burgeoning pressure below my belt was certainly real enough.
'Not real? Not real? Then why I am so horny and ... empty?' Susan sobbed. 'Ben, we were ... weren't we doing it?'

'Yes, Susan. We were ... on the blanket under that oak tree!"
I assured her.

'Oak tree?' Dave interjected. 'There was a stream and flowers all around? And a bottle of wine?'

There was a hint of embarrassment in Susan's thoughts, 'You were there? Watching us?'

'Hold the phone! Time out!' I screamed in my head. 'How is that possible? How could we share ... or be in the same dream?' A disturbing answer presented itself but I didn't want to believe it. 'Was it a dream? Or was someone messing with our heads?'

That Dave was confused was apparent in his thoughts, 'I have never experienced this before. There is no record of three people simultaneously sharing the same dream, thoughts yes, but never dreams.'
The burning and the tingling sensations coursed once again in my head. I could sense that Dave and Susan were experiencing them also. The three of us were attempting to empty our heads of thoughts in attempt to shield ourselves from the possible intrusion by a fourth mind. Our attempts were in vain.
The alien mind was cold, almost mechanical, 'That is because before now, I have never attempted to project a dream of my own creation into more than two heads. You know what? I like it! I can have a lot of fun with that idea in the future.'

'Who in the hell are you?' An angry Susan thought. 'What gives you the right to fuck with our brains?'
The vivid scene began to play within our heads. Susan was cowering naked in the corner of a common prison shower room. Four burly inmates, their hirsute bodies as naked as she were approaching her. Each of them were grasping the grotesquely large weapons they were going to use on her. The larger man who seemed to be the alpha male forced her onto the floor and roughly positioned her on her hands and knees. He was oblivious to her tears and struggles as he approached her from behind. She tensed as the massive probe touched the soft skin ...

"STOP IT!" she screeched. The scene dissipated from our minds.
'What gives me the right you ask? Because I can!'

'Susan, are you okay?'
I tried to project to her mind alone.

'I ... I think so. It all seemed so real ... those repulsive men ...' she replied. 'Ben, who is this monster?'

'Monster? Ha! I like that,' the intruding mind interjected.'Yes Ben, why don't you tell her who the big bad monster is? By the way I forgot, which did you prefer? Bennie the Ball or Ball Bering?'

'Michael. Michael Black.'
I replied.

'You're good, Ben. You've suspected that for sometime, haven't you?'

'Yes. It was the obvious explanation for the personality changes Michelle, in your body, was experiencing. The migraine headaches she was suffering ... it was because she was fighting you, trying to keep you out her mind.'

'Right you are. She's got a strong mind, much stronger than I thought. It was taxing to break through her barriers, but in the end I was too strong for her. I'll have to admit that I was nearly drained after each encounter and had to go into periods of dormancy to regain my strength. It doesn't matter now, but she must have grown stronger lately. I have been unable to break through her defenses.'

Dave's thoughts entered into the conversation, 'Maybe, it is you who's growing weaker.'
Suddenly the lights began to flicker and sparks jumped from the electrical outlets. A faint trace of ozone permeated the room. David screamed and his hands flew up to his temples. His eyes rolled back and he slumped to the floor.

I slipped from the chair and knelt beside him. I had braced myself for the worst, but I could see his chest rising and falling. He opened his eyes and shook his head in attempt to regain his senses. "I'm okay ... I think. Michael must have somehow caused a power surge. If it had been any stronger my brain would have been fried."
'Hello? Talk to me ...oh, think to me ... whatever. Is Dave okay?' Susan's broadcast popped into our heads.

'I've got a nasty headache, that's all.' Dave replied to her.

'Dave,' I minded, 'Why do you suppose Michael chose this time to reveal himself?'

'I'm not certain. I can only guess that he's been manipulating Gates to carry out his master plan, whatever that may be. I'm afraid he's almost ready to take over and will start with a major double cross. Frankly, I don't think he can be stopped.'

'I'm not so sure that's true, Dave,'
Susan interjected. 'Besides his arrogant ego, Michael has a glaring weakness!'

'Talk to us, honey.'
I transmitted to her.

'Why Benjamin Bering, weren't you paying attention to that mental tirade of his? By his own admission, he hasn't been able to penetrate her defenses.'

'Of course! Michelle!'
I exclaimed mentally. '... And his strength was so taxed ... he had to go dormant! Susan, you just earned yourself one helluva big kiss!

'Only one? Don't you go being cheap on me, Ben.'

Dave's urgent thoughts burst forth. 'Pull those wires off of your heads. You'll get a nasty surge if you don't. Gates' programs are about to take over the computer network!'
The stage was set. The die had been cast. All I could think of were trite cliches. Yet, their banality seemed to ease my tensions.

(To be continued in part 47 on Friday, 5/8, with The Gang's All Here!)



Sandee said...

I'd not really thought of this twist. I like it though. I'm hoping this all turns out okay for everyone but Michael Black. Just saying. Excellent read.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jack K. said...

Sandee says it all for me too.

Great story. Great ideas.

Great sex, or almost so. snerx!

Hale McKay said...


One good twist deserves another ... eh?

Hale McKay said...


Almost sex - the new porn!