Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hyper Hypocrisy

Oh, the hypocrisy !

It wasn't so long ago that everyone one (including African-Americans) wanted to hang him by the short hairs!

Today, one would have thought that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ!

It wasn't so long ago that there were "burn MJ CDs" block parties sponsored by radio stations!

Posters were torn off bedroom walls and thrown out to the trash along with other memorabilia depicting the former "King of Pop" who had fallen from grace.

Today CDs, posters, dolls, etc., - anything Michael is hard to find except on auction sites where some are trying to profit from his passing.

Not so long ago, Jackson's most prevalent Internet exposure was largely comprised of "Wacko Jacko" jokes. (I posted some of them myself!)

Today one can find a limitless bounty of web pages paying homage to him. If you turned on your TV sets today, you were hard pressed to find networks NOT preempting their regular programming to hop on the band wagon.

How soon they forget!

There are fewer crimes that are more reviled than child molestation.

How quick they are to forgive!

(Who pays millions of dollars to an accusing child's parents to settle out of court if they are innocent of the charges?)


I would be remiss not to admit that Michael Jackson was a very talented performer. His success and popularity speak for themselves.

Based upon sales, popularity and the influence on performers after him, I'd have to say that Jackson stands on a third pedestal right next to Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Today the Rev. Al Sharpton said probably the stupidest thing that has ever came out of his seldom shut mouth. (Not that it's unusual for him to say things stupid!)

I'm paraphrasing this: He said that Michael Jackson paved the way - that if not for him, Barack Obama would have never been elected President!

What? What? WHAT?

Unless I'm mistaken, I thought as a trail blazer for the advancement of equal rights, that honor had been bestowed upon the Rev. Martin Luther King! They even gave a him legal holiday!

What little I got to see of the MJ coverage on TV today, I was sickened by it all.

The hypocrisy of them all!



Sandee said...

He was a pedophile plain and simple. Just another sick piece of garbage that now gets a free pass from the Kool Aide drinkers.

I didn't watch any of yesterday's three ring circus. I just don't care. Bury him and let's move on to more pressing issues that are affecting us and the world. Just saying.

As for big mouth Sharpton? He and the Rev. Jackson have done more to keep the black man down than anyone out there. They both need to sit down and shut up.

I feel better now.

Have a terrific day. :)

JAB said...

We know Sharpton's only in it to get custody of Bubbles.
Kind of appropriate that the real circus starts today at the Staples Center.

Jack K. said...

The revs Al and Jesse are wonderful examples for supporting freedom of speech. How else will folks have a chance to show their ignorance and blatant striving for unchecked power?

Hey, guys, when you find yourselves getting deeper in the hole, QUIT DIGGING. Nah, keep it up. We need to be reminded of the value of wasted minds.

ta ta MJ. Your children are due better. I only hope they will get it.

Duke_of_Earle said...

No, that's OK. It's YOUR blog. Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think about MJ.


P.S. Sandee? Right on!