Saturday, October 03, 2009

Enter the Laughter Redeux: Just Wanna Ride My Motor-Sickle

I just paid a visit the site of long-time blogging buddy on my blogroll. Marti is a published author and one funny gal. I have to admit that I haven't dropped by at her site in some time, but what a treat I found today. I was still laughing even as I set up this link (below) to her post. It was nice to know that she can be as funny as ever.

If you're not familiar with Marti and her humor, click on the link below. A word of caution though, put your drinks down - I wouldn't want anyone's monitor screens or keyboards to be doused or spat upon.

Enter the Laughter Redeux: Just Wanna Ride My Motor-Sickle



kenju said...

That was funny! and so is her current post!

Jack K. said...

Hale, thanks for the warning. I did not put my coffee cup anywhere near me. Marti is a very funny writer. I could picture the entire scene. Bwahahahaha!

Hale McKay said...


Marti does put up a lot of funny stuff.

Hale McKay said...


LOL! I wasn't so lucky. At least I didn't get the keyboard. I did have to take a tissue to the screen though.