Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sez Who? Sez Me!


Where's my stinkin' bailout?

Whither thou goest, I'll go the other way.

I'm almost as smart as my phone.

Some dress for success. I dress for recess.

I believe in sacrifices. Can I start with you?

Lawyers: the world's 2nd oldest profession.

I'm not procrastinating until tomorrow.

Patience might be a virtue, but flipping someone off feels better.

If idiots grew on trees, this place would be a friggin' orchard.

I've seen the future and I'm going back to bed.

Diplomacy: the art of telling someone to go to hell, and having them look forward to the trip.

Lead me not into temptation. I have my own GPS.

Looking for love. (Will settle for green jelly beans.)

What would Yoda do? Your ass, kick it he would!

I haven't had my coffee yet. Don't make me kill you.

Everything I say is fully substantiated by my own opinion.

If I were you, I'd wanna be me.

No, the Michael Jackson song 'Billie Jean' is not about a tennis player!

I'm not aging, I'm fermenting.

My food pyramid is made from beer cans.

Hybrid human ... Runs on beer.

Yes, beer qualifies as an appetizer.

Hard times call for hard liquor.

Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.

I go to the john when the spirits move me.



Sandee said...

Yep, this clears up a lot of things. Many of these are so very true. Funny and again sad at the same time.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hale McKay said...


Yes, some of there are so true. Fortunately, I don't subscribe to most of them.