Wednesday, December 02, 2009

...And So It Begins

...Let's End It!

O Christmas Holiday Tree

O Christmas Holiday tree, O Christmas Holiday tree!
How are thy leaves so verdant!

O Christmas Holiday tree, O Christmas Holiday tree,
How are thy leaves so verdant!

December 1, 2009: The sun had barely risen when the firemen were admiring the lighted signs they'd put up above the doors of the garage housing their emergency vehicles. It was a ritual that had been performed by that station house for the last 50 years.

Over one door was the lighted words: "Joy To The World." Above the other: "Merry Christmas."

What's wrong with this picture? You don't know?

The sun was still low in the sky when they got the word. "You cannot display on public property a sign bearing the word 'Christmas' - You have to take it down!"
Is this really the law? Or is it Political Correctness run amok?
Who are they who hide behind misconstrued interpretations of the U.S. Constitution? The Constitution guarantees us all the freedom of religion, but nowhere does it say that the beliefs of one can put asunder the beliefs of another! Yet, as experienced by the firemen above, it is happening, and it is not an isolated incident.

The irony of it all is that Christmas has become so commercialized, that its true meaning has all but been lost. Surely you've noticed employees of retail outlets greeting you with "Happy Holidays," because they've been instructed not to say "Merry Christmas," lest some customer might be offended.

When you go out to buy your Christmas tree, you'll find that instead they are selling Holiday trees and Holiday wreaths. Have you started your Christmas Holiday shopping for your Christmas Holiday gifts yet?
Obama Wants 30,000 More Troops in Afghanistan
What for? To continue the fight against terrorism?

The way I see it, our government is waging this war in the wrong places. The terrorists we should be fighting are here, in this country, right under our noses! As history has shown, the Roman Empire fell not because of enemies outside, but of those within. History is repeating itself here and now in this country.

Can we stop them? Of course we can. We can begin by returning the Nativity scenes to our parks, in front of our libraries and schools. We can allow prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms again.

We can say Merry Christmas and buy Christmas trees and give Christmas gifts - and do so without reprisal. What about those who don't like it?
Two words: GET OUT!
After we straighten out those ingrates, we'll go after the ones who desecrate our flag!

(That's my first holiday rant out of the way!)



WackyMummy said...

I agree. We need to speak out! I will continue to say "Merry Christmas" until it lands me in jail or court. I don't care who it offends. They can just rip that yule log out of their collective @sses!

On that note, Santa should also be banned because he is the bastardized version of St. Nicholas, a Catholic saint, who rescued thousands of children from slavery hundreds of years ago. THAT'S who Santa is modeled after.

And even if Santa is really "Satan" spelled differently and this is a big conspiracy to corrupt children, it still has religious overtones, and therefore should be banned.

God made trees. Those should be banned from this holiday too.

Holiday is from the term "holy day", which also has religious implications, and should therefore be banned.

You see what happens when people start splitting hairs?!

Hale McKay said...


You see what happens when people start splitting hairs?

Your closing sentence sums it up rather nicely.