Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Birthday Blahs

~ The day began auspiciously enough. I woke up to the symphony of the dogs barking to go outside. I got up stiffly and tripped over the dogs' squeaky toy. The bathroom was occupied. The kettle had to filled. The burner didn't work. The light was out too. Went to the basement to reset the circuit breaker. The boiler was low on water. Filled it. Nothing unusual, just a typical morning.
~ I put the truck in drive to back out of the driveway. On the way to work, I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a subscription. Wrote a check for a magazine prescription renewal. Went to the bank to check a cash. So far so good, the day was going without a hitch.
~ Had a cup of coffee at Starbucks - it was awful! Should've known better, because around here they are known as Starmucks. Now I know why. Called the first client to say I was on the way. I was promptly on time at another client's place. Had a gastric problem later on. It turns out that Starmucks' coffee has similar qualities of the water you aren't supposed to drink in Mexico. It's called Montezuma's revenge. Now the donut had nothing left to float on.
~ Heard a traffic report that Central Street was backed-up due to an accident involving a truck load of manure. Took Central Avenue instead. Turns out that the accident was on Avenue and not Street. Got rear-ended by a woman on a Rascal Scooter. Those things are light weight, she probably had no trouble setting it back upright. Heard the financial report that Acme Industries was up four dollars. That was news seeing as I sold it last week at seventy-five cents. The weather man's forecast for a sunny warm day was a little off. It seems he forgot to mention the two hour downpour while I was loading supplies into my truck. I later discovered why the passenger side mirror says "objects in mirror are closer than they appear."
~ A favorite song was playing just as I entered a tunnel, but I heard the last two guitar licks as I emerged on the other side. Darn! Forgot to replenish the windshield wiper fluid. Noticed the check and magazine renewal slip on the seat. I must've mailed an empty envelope. On the way home picked up a quart of milk, a gallon of strawberries, and yesterday's newspaper.
~ Finally arriving home safely, I marveled just how good my day had gone. No snafus. No problems. Why was I so fortunate today of all days? I promptly slipped on a patch of ice. After picking myself up, I opened the door and pulled back a stub on my key ring. The key had broken off in the lock.
~ Inside I was greeted by a chorus of "Happy Birthday." Aha! Now I knew why the day had gone so well. I had just reached my 57th birthday. There were certainly more days behind me than there were "the first days of the rest of my life." I feel pretty good considering I am closer to sixty than I am to fifty. Why if I were to get into a fight, I would pick on me. I really think I could take me!
~ I suddenly felt faint, nearly passing out. After the bandages had been placed on the gash, I felt better. It turns out that all those candles had used up nearly all the oxygen in the room. The Co2 extinguisher managed to put out the candles. Although the cake was colder than I would have preferred, it was still quite good. I especially like the walnuts. But I was told there were no nuts in the cake. Cleaning up, it was discovered that most of the candles were missing.
~ A birthday comes only one day a year, all the other days are just a series of collecting a few gray hairs, losing some hair you want, and growing hair where you don't want it. And judging by the top of my head, my ears, and my nose, I certainly have had a lot of good days, a lot of birthdays.
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