Friday, February 11, 2005


~ It all began on a night with a wind driven rain fueled by gale force winds. The rain, as if cascading from a rocky facade, sparkled like a thousand fireflies when the frantic flashes of lightning were released by the angry dark clouds far above. Like cracks in a pane of glass the bolts of electricity ripped the very fabric of the sky. A sudden explosion of thunder sent a massive charge into the metal receptors upon the roof.
~ ( The clickety-clack of the keys was barely perceptible over the booming thunder outside. Following the cryptic instructions on the screen, the fingers deftly danced upon the keyboard. In response to those commands, the screen reflected the myriad of electronic pulses leaping from chip to processor.)
~ The figure lie still upon the metal table as it was being hoisted upward to the cathedral ceiling. Dynamos whined in protest as the lightning repeatedly ripped into the grounding poles upon the roof. Below in the laboratory, arcs of electricity shot forth angrily from one anode to another.
~ (Only a few more keystrokes in response to the commands on the screen, and it would be done. There was no turning back now. He could almost feel the power about to be unleashed. In only a few moments it would spring to life. Given life, it would rise and would respond to a stimuli driven cathode housed behind the screen.)
~ There was the distinct aroma of ozone as a surge of positive and negative charges surged through the inert figure. It couldn't be stopped now what he had evoked from the lightning. If the charges had been redirected as his calculations had predicted, there would at that moment be the first flickers of life. That life would animate the figure now being lowered back into the laboratory.
~ (As promised by the program, he shuddered as it came to life. There was power, a sense of control purging through his fingertips. "It's alive. It's alive," he said in triumph. )
~ Even as the table touched the floor, the figure was sitting up snapping the restraints that had held it in place. He cried, "It's alive! It's alive!" The man-thing, a monstrous appearance to it, roared to protest the confusion about him.
Awakening with no prior knowledge or memories to guide him, the crackling electricity, the whirring machinery, and the man approaching him must have seemed foreboding and terrifying at once.
~ (What power had he wrought? Had he the right to play God? He knew he had to exercise caution now. He hoped he had the fortitude to place in motion his plans. He was nervous, for he had never experienced this kind of power before. He carefully considered his next move as he settled at the keyboard and stared in wonder at the screen before him. Life's journeys begin with a single step, a step to be tread with mere fingers.)
~ Something was wrong, terribly wrong with his creation. Had he gone too far trying to play God? He spoke to the terrified creature, trying to soothe it with his gentle voice. It was beginning to destroy the machinery around it, trying to stop the noises, the cacophony that was driving it to insanity. He had to stop it. The equipment was needed for him to gain control of the monster.
~ (The wonder that had enthralled him, had evaporated into a calm trancelike reverie. The screen began to fill with letters that morphed into words, sentences, and paragraphs.)
~ He glanced down at the console before him seeing letters turn into sentences, which in turn evolved into paragraphs. An unseen program was running, taking over his system. The keyboard was locked denying him access. His creation was cowering in a corner before an uncontrolled fire, fueled by his notes, his life's work. Every thing was becoming ghostlike, slowly fading from his sight.
~ (He typed, composing fluidly a short story. It was a parody of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." Like her classic, he had ended the story in tragedy, with the monster and its creator dying in the pyre of the crumbling laboratory.)
~ With his dying breath, he realized that he tampered where he should not. Surely he had seen God's fingers upon the keyboard. The inferno that had killed his creation was about to consume him.
~ (It was all but completed. All he had to was to hit the enter key. With that motion, it was sent out there into the cyber world, where hungry readers awaited. He contemplated for a moment, wondering what he had become. The ensuing days and weeks would provide the answer. He had become the creature incarnate. He had created a monster in himself. He was a blog monster almost out of control. His head was bursting literally with ideas. He had a lot to write, to publish and to release it upon an unsuspecting world. With a sense of purpose, he felt safe that his laboratory would not be destroyed. His monster would not die. Shrugging, he signed off on his latest blog with the name he had adopted, Blogenstein.)
No. 28
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