Friday, February 11, 2005

Pet Peeves

~ I always hear a lot of people talking about their pet peeves. Just how many people have them anyway? Is it the new in-thing to have? Are pet peeves status symbols? I hate it when so many people have so many peeves. It bothers me to no end when they flaunt their peeves in front of me. I wonder if I should pick up one or two.
~ Well, I have other things that bother me without worrying about peeves. I don't need to know about peeves, pet or otherwise. I hate buying a product that has twenty pages of instructions in no less than five diferent languages. I can't stand drivers who stop before putting on their directionals when they make the turn at an intersection. It irks me when shoppers at the supermarket leave their carts in the middle of the aisles, making it next to impossible to get by, while they look at items they aren't going to purchase anyway.
~ Curiosity finally got the better of me, and after an exhausting surf on the internet, I couldn't find a single one. There weren't even any for sale on E-bay. I labored on my browser, using Google, Ask Jeeves, and other search engines, but to no avail. Now I'm not sure I even want one!
~ For sanity sake, just what is a peeve? Is it an exotic cat, some breed of lap-dog, or one of those lizards like a gecko?
Is peeve food expensive? Are they easy to house train?
~ If any one knows, I sure wish they would enlighten me. Someday, I just might have to get one or two, just so I can keep up with the Jonses.

~No. 27
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