Friday, February 11, 2005

Famous Quotes?

~ History is full of well known people. Those people have also left a legacy of famous quotes. "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes," "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead," are just two of them. Overlooked by many, some historic figures are also responsible for lesser known quotes. Following is a list of few I found in an old e-mail sent to me a few years ago. (That e-mail did not mention a source, but that is not unusual on forwarded material.)

  1. I don't suppose it's going to rain? - Joan of Arc
  2. Lizzy! Get out there and chop that fire wood! - Mr. Borden
  3. What the hell was that? - the Mayor of Hiroshima
  4. You want WHAT on the ceiling? - Michaelangelo
  5. Heads are going to roll! - Anne Boleyn
  6. Honey, the doctor told you to lay off the salt. - Lot
  7. Who'd have thought that marble would burn. - Nero
  8. Dad, we'll sell millions of them. - Edsel Ford
  9. Where in the hell did all these Indians come from? - George Armstrong Custer
  10. Scattered showers, my ass! - Noah
  11. I need this parade like a hole in the head. - JFK
  12. Where is all this water coming from? - captain, HMS Titanic
  13. It does so look like her! - Pablo Picasso
  14. Who's going to find out? - Richard Nixon
  15. That's not a real gun. - John Lennon
  16. Ouch! Dammit, who rearranged the furniture? - Helen Keller
  17. Sleep with you? I just met you. - Eve
  18. I told you your hands were too cold, dear. - Mr. O'Leary
  19. The senator is bringing you some school aid. - the Reverend Jim Jones

~No. 26

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