Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Banners Are Us

As a service to some loyal readers and in response to the reaction to the banners and lights on my recent post Lights of broadway, I have created some for them. Feel free to copy and paste them on your site. I save them to the "My Pictures" file. They are there when and if i need them.

Also, you can visit the source of these banners, titles, logos, etc. at Flaming Text . You can also clink on the link on my sidebar. Did you notice the dragon over there on the sidebar floating while you are scrolling. You can also click on its text box to get there.

For Schnoodlepooh: (By the way I mispelled this on the post)

For Old Hoss:

For Dawn:

For Karyn:

For Aral: (Another Pez image for you to copy if you wish)

Sorry if I missed anyone. (I know I did.) Take me to the carpet and let me know and I will correct the omission.
....Anyway, you can click on the links mentioned above and design your own. It is easy. If I could figure it out - it is extremely easy!

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