Friday, February 17, 2006

The Bawbwa-Bush Interview

Back on June 25, 2005, I posted a satirical interview between Barbara Walters and George W. Bush. I'm not sure how it was received as it was a weekend post and no comments were left. I suspect not many read it the first time around. With the recent return to Bush-bashing, I have decided to reprise that interview. Personally, I thought it was pretty funny, but then I did write it! Without further adieu here is that interview that can only be titled:

Bawbwa Does Dubyew

~Bawbwa: Welcome folks to my excwusive wate night interview with Pwesident Dubyew. Welcome Mr. Pwesident!
~Dubyew: Thank you, Barbara. And hello, my fellow Americans.
~Bawbwa: We understand you just had a compwete check-up. I twust everything was alwight.
~Dubyew: That's right. I got a clean bill of health. In fact, I got weighed just before coming here.
~Bawbwa: You did? Did you wike it?
~Dubyew: What's that?
~Bawbwa: When you got weighed, you must have wiked it. Did Waura wike it too? I'll bet she just wuved it!
~Dubyew: No, no, Barbara. Laura wasn't even there!
~Bawbwa: Then who did you weigh, Mr. Pwesident?
~Dubyew: I didn't weigh anyone. They weighed me!
~Bawbwa: They? Mr. Pwesident, are you twying to tell me you got weighed in a menage-a-twa with two women?
~Dubyew: Two women? Oh, I see. You're talking about the dessert I had with lunch. It was lemon meringue.
~Bawbwa: Women mewang? Is that what high wanking officials call phiwandering now a days?
~Dubyew: Barbara, I feel like I'm being interviewed by Elmer Fudd!
~Bawbwa: Elmer? Elmer is my speech instwuctor. He was getting weighed with you too?
~Dubyew: Barbara! Why are you removing your blouse?
~Bawbwa: Sowwy, but I'm getting wather wandy! All this talk aboutt getting weighed is making me vewy wight-headed.
~Dubyew: Ah, your network wants to go to a commercial, right now.
~Bawbwa: No! It's getting wate. We still have a wot of gwound to discuss.
~Dubyew: Yes. Didn't you want to talk about Saddam?
~Bawbwa: You mean Sa-dawm? You know rhymes with bomb.
~Dubyew: Sodomy? Barbara, what kind of subject is that?
~Bawbwa: Well, you bwought it up. (Hee-hee!) Is that why you cwossed your wegs?
~Dubyew: Sa-dawm? Sodomy? I meant Saddam .. you jail..Hussein!
~Bawbwa: Hmm, yes I guess it's sad it's Quayle whose insane. But why bwing up that woser?
~Dubyew: I just noticed, Barbara, without your blouse I can see that you have love handles. Maybe you should get weighed.
~Bawbwa: Mr. Pwesident! Are you saying you want to weigh me?
~Dubyew: I'll tell you what, we'll get weighed together.
~Bawbwa: Well, people usuwalwy get weighed together. Don't you and Waura?
~Dubyew: You want Laura to get weighed with us too?
~Bawbwa: Well, all I can say, is that tonight will be a gwound bweaking wesson for the network.
~Dubyew: Wesson oil? Sounds kinky.
~Bawbwa: No wesson. You know wike a histowy wesson.
~Dubyew: Ah. A lesson to deal with slippery situations. I see.
~Bawbwa: A wesson in wate-night pwogwamming! This pwogwam is only on for one hour. There's not much time weft.
~Dubyew: It doesn't take but a minute or two to get weighed.
~Bawbwa: Why, Mr. Pwesident. You mean to tell me you are a minute man? Uh, never mind. They will wish they awowed at weast two hours to show America a wusty Bawbwa weighing Dubyew and Waura your wife at the same time! The people will simpwy wuv it!
~Dubyew: No cameras, Barbara. It is a private matter getting weighed. Come on, let's go get weighed.
~Bawbwa: Good night, America.
~Dubyew: Hey! That's my wine!~



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OldHorsetailSnake said...

Geez, can you imagine bedding Bawbwa? ("O.K., everything will be fine; JUST DON'T TALK!!")

jules said...

Oh, Hawle McKay, you awe a bad, bad boy. I hope Bawbwa doesn't decide to pwot wevenge against you.