Thursday, April 13, 2006

Amnesty For The Easter Bunny

Illegals are not sick birds of prey.

Now that we've had our glossary lesson for the day, allow me to clear up another matter. "Amnesty" is not an acronym for "American Money Now Easily Siphoned To You. Every bonified citizen of the USA knows it is: America, Many Numbnuts Enter States This Year. (And no, "numbnuts" has nothing to do with castration.)

Knowing full well that the Political Correct Police, aka the Civil Nazis, will be issuing a warrant for my arrest, I am writing this because it is my pet peeve du jour. I'm exercising my freedom of speech under B.L.O.G. (Blogger's License Of Grandeur)

Lord knows our country was built by immigrants. Our Founding Fathers were all immigrants. Legal immigrants! The diversity of our nation's peoples is what makes it great. It is great because of its legal citizens, despite the Illegals. I don't know if "illegals" is yet considered an acceptable word, but it has several synonyms that are. How does "freeloaders" strike you? Don't like that one? Try "interlopers" to see if it fits. How about "squatters?" "Sponger?"

While it's true that many of these people are migrant workers who toil at low paying jobs most Americans won't take, there are laws that are to be observed. If you don't pay into Social Security, then you cannot receive benefits. If you don't pay into Unemployment, then you don't rate unemployment benefits. If you don't pay into or have taxes withheld, then you cannot claim or expect tax benefits. These are not subject to debate. This means that you do not purchase a single family home and then smuggle into the country 27 members of your extended family to live there with you.

Aliens do not enter this country by way of flying saucers. They arrive here by means of deceit and forged papers. Now that these people are being offered amnesty, you'd think they'd be signing up in droves to become legal. Not so! Most fear they will be deported once they come out in the open. Does that make sense? Then why on earth would they show up en masse in the recent demonstrations against tighter immigration laws to stand up for their rights? Hello? You don't have those rights if you are illegal. However, it just might be poetic justice. They have your faces on television and closed circuit cameras. Can you say "massive sting operation?"

Easter Bunny: Politically Incorrect?

I guess it was only a matter of time before the Easter Bunny himself would be attacked. The scene of the first reported assault on the famous bunny occurred in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the lawgivers have banned him from City Hall. They claimed "it may offend some non-Christians." Since when did the Easter Bunny have anything to do with the real significance of the Easter celebration? Having said that, why hasn't he ever offended Christians themselves? Cal Thomas, a syndicated columnist suggested that they should change the name of their city from St. Paul to maybe, Paul Bunyon.

I pause to wonder why it is that only the symbols attached to the Christian faith come under these rediculous PC charges. Why are there no targets made of other faiths and their celebrations? Could it be that God-fearing and God-believing people have nothing but respect for other theisms? I think so. Isn't freedom of religion one of the principles of which this country was founded? To me, that means my religion, or lack of religion, is honored and will not infringe upon the beliefs or non-beliefs of others, and vice versa.

Has it come to this now, that we are willing to divest ourselves of our own rights, lest we offend someone who may or may not share the same belief?

Hear my rebel yell! It is politically incorrect to be politically correct! Put that in your PC pipes and smoke it!



Duke_of_Earle said...

Yell it louder, cousin. I don't think the message is gettin' across.


Karen said...

Amnesty For The Easter Bunny... the Easter Bunny better look out 'cause cheney has a license to hunt him.

Although one of his thugs might want to slip a *mickey* to the Bunny so he's nice and drunk and not knowing what's going on!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Damn right, Mike. And happy 3rd Sunday of the Month to you.

Carolyn said...

The trouble with religion is people! I think I'd be more religious if people weren't involved. Lately, I've passed by so many church signs all advertising their "Soul Winning Sundays", it looks more like a contest between churches to up their membership count than anything else. Maybe they should all compete in an egg hunt this Easter Sunday instead. The most eggs in a basket wins all the illegal aliens they need to weed the churchyard.

Sorry, and thanks for the vent, lol! Good write-up, btw :)

aka_monty said...

ILLEGAL is actually the key phrase for me.


But I'm sort of black & white that way. :)


Doug Bagley said...

Don't you find it ironic that a town called SAINT Paul attacked a Christian holiday? Are they going to change the name of the city next? Maybe it should be just Paul. Or mayb it could be totally PC to call it the city of Non-Denominational, Non-gendor, Homosapien.

blue said...

Speaking of politically incorrect, check your email point. LOL, and a good post there too btw.