Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mona Lisa's Revenge

With all the fabricated controversy over the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, one can see Capitalism at its best. If one wants to write a best selling novel, all they need do is to either steal the idea, or to make it appear to be plagiarized. After the book has taken off, the next step is to make the movie. Anything that gets that much publicity is either, or both, a Best Seller or a Box office hit.

Remember Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Jesus Christ?" How about "The Last Temptation of Christ?" Both of these films were protested by religious groups, and to what end? People flocked in droves to see them. Unbeknownst to themselves, these groups became free publicity for those films. Inadvertently, they insured that both films made money.

Why not expose another side of Da Vinci? Who was it depicted in his famous work, The Mona Lisa? What was their relationship? Keep in mind, our goals are to write a best selling novel and to sell the movie rights. So a little speculation "factualized" will draw the attention of historians. When they openly dispute our facts - voila - best seller!

We have found that "Mona" was an accomplished painter in her own right. Her soon to be famous painting, titled "Mona's Leo," depicts her with that well known grin, standing by a painting of a nude Da Vinci. Our ficticious characters have discovered a secret encrypted message hidden within her work.

They also discover that Mona had made many drawings of the nude male body. Her studies depicted the men more anatomically correct than those of Da Vinci. Also among the artifices professed to have belonged to her, were designs for some magnificent machines. Most outstanding of these was what appeared to be a steam powered dildo.

The sketch to the right depicts her and some other Renaissance artists drawing a posing nude. Her attention to detail can be seen as she forgoes the common use of the thumb in lieu of a ruler.

If the discoveries of her work weren't enough to turn the art world upside down, our heroes make an incredible discovery. Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't even draw a crooked line much less a straight one. Everything attributed to him was actually Mona's work. The great Da Vinci was guilty of plagiarism! The Last Supper, all of Da Vinci's masterpieces were done by Mona Lisa Da Vinci. Yes, she was his mother!

Once it's put together and published, the controvery of the Da Vinci code will dry up and evaporate from the collective conscience of the book readers. The new game in town will be "Mona Lisa's Revenge."



Doug Bagley said...

You might be on to something there, lol. Your points well taken. Great post!

Karen said...

"a steam powered dildo"...

...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it's got my attention!