Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When Super Heroes Moonlight

Washington Redskins draft The Incredible Hulk.
In a surprising move, the Washington Redskins selected The Incredible Hulk in the NFL draft held over the past weekend. Sports pundits have made the Redskins the prohibitive favorite to win the Super Bowl.
Captain America joins the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, has defected to our northern neighbor. The RCMP was only too happy to welcome the famed crime fighter and one-time member of the Avengers into its elite police force.
Aquaman: Pool Cleaner?
The King of Atlantis and member of the Justice League of America has been recently spotted cleaning swimming pools in Beverly Hills. He said the part-time job allows him some time away from his ocean home and gives him a chance to mingle with non-super heroes.
Wonder Woman's Wonder Bra
Diana Prince, every man's favorite Wonder Woman has created her own lingerie business. Her Amazon heritage and conditioning were a perfect fit to join forces with Victoria's Secret to launch her Amazonian line of feminine wear. She says of her designs, "When a woman wears her lingerie, every man will become a super hero."
Spiderman Does Windows
Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman wants you to enjoy the view. Peter Parker, when not web-slinging, has been spotted around town high above the streets. This is not unusual until you notice that he is cleaning the outside windows of the city's skyscrapers.
- Meteorologist
"It made perfect sense," said the X-Men member in an interview today. "When fighting evil is slow, there is always weather." We suspect that her forecasting efforts will be accurate. With the ability to evoke weather, she can predict rain and make it happen.
- Super Pizza Delivery
Who else could deliver pizza anywhere in the world, and on time?
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Pizza Man!
With Lex Luthor in prison, the Man of Steel provides another life-saving service to the citizens of his adopted planet Earth.

Meanwhile, as the super heroes are busy moonlighting, a once benign threat to the planet is making plans for Blogosphere domination.

Marvin the Martian, working as a minion for the Pointmeister, has given an ultimatum to the planet. You can help the super heroes by making frequent and regular visits to this blog to prevent total annihilation of the world as we know it.

(Credits): All of the above Super Heroes pictures were stolen "harvested" from Worth 1000 . They are photo-shopped pictures for a current contest at the site. Visit the site and scroll down to "Super Heroes Day Jobs" to see many more of these photos. They also have other contests in progress.



Peter said...

There is no limit to your imagination Mike, good stuff again.

Jay said...

That strikes me as both incredibly funny and incredibly unfair to the rest of us mere mortals!

Webmiztris said...

i am LOVING the Superman Pizza Delivery Man idea!!!

Liz said...


My brother and I always refered to her as Wonder Boobs. No wonder I have image issues. ;)

StringMan said...

Superman delivery was my fav, too. I thought Spiderman the window washer was brilliant.

TMelendez said...

lmao... I think Marvin conquered your mind!!