Monday, June 05, 2006

Talking Pictures

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words - it speaks for itself.

Even Superman can't hold it all the time!

....And sometimes you can add speech balloons to let a picture say even more.

I recently discovered Wig Flip, a site that lets you add speech balloons to a photo or an image. You can make a funny picture funnier, or like the Frankenstein cartoon, make it say something.

Suppose you are an unemployed husband and your wife happens to be Wonder Woman. She's the bread-winner while you stay home. How do you think she feels about the situation? While she's out fighting crime, at least you could be home fighting grime.

Some cartoons are funny, if for no other reason, they are drawn funny.

The next picture is funny and to some, disgusting at the same time. Yet, we would expect no less of the ultimate brat, Bart Simpson. The caption I added popped immediately into my head when I saw this image. What else would Bart say in this situation?

(I have to admit that I saw a printed version of this several years ago.)

The next picture reminded me of the Pepsi and Coke ad wars. Did anyone of you ever take the Pepsi challenge? I did and picked the Coke! There went my 15 minutes of fame - they weren't about to put me in those Pepsi commercials!

(I offered to take it again and pick the other cup, but they wouldn't go for it.)

Since I prefer Coca Cola, I guess that means I tend to lean to the left! (Politically speaking, of course!)

Conservative or Liberal, it is a challenge I don't mind taking.

A speech balloon can add a little more flavor even to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy picture.

Picture a woman warrior standing in silence by the ocean's edge, praying to her God for guidance before battle, when a humming bird thinks it has found a new source of nectar. Does she swat it away? Or does she let it partake of her nectar?

Have you seen the new postage stamps?
Yes, I had my own stamps printed. Won't they look great on my bills when I send them out? Want some of your own? Just click here to create your own funny stamps. (Too bad they aren't accepted as real postage.)

They'll still look good on your Blogs or E-mails.


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Peter said...

Try a cup!!!!! now you don't get that invitation often Mike.