Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Too Hot To ....

A high of 101° F
A low of 83° F
A heat index of 115° F
Humidity 73%

The last time I did a GPS check, I was in Boston. Unless I am mistaken, Boston is located in the Northeastern corner of the contiguous United States. So what's with the Saharan temperatures?
....I live in New England so that I can bitch about the winters, not the summers! Sitting nude in the dining room with your spouse is supposed to be prelude to sex. Sitting nude in the dining room, three feet from an air conditioner just to have a cup of coffee, is no such prelude.
....On the subject of coffee, I was reading an article about coffee this morning while I was in the above mentioned state of dress drinking a cup of coffee.
....According to the article, 82% of adults drink an average of 3.4 cups of coffee a day. This consumption was subjected to a comparison of the annual amount of money spent on coffee and where the coffee is consumed.
....We spend $52 a year for home brewed supermarket coffee, based on an 8 ounce cup. $1,428 is paid for a 10 ounce cup at Dunkin' Donuts. At Starbucks, we fork over $1,663 for 8 ounces. That's a lot of money for a caffeine fix!

Why in the world am I babbling about coffee? It's too hot to drink coffee! For crying out loud, it's too hot makin' bacon! It's to hot to ... get hot!

Waiting in my truck in the driveway (now dressed) for the AC to cool down the cab, I was rifling through my CDs. I came across one particular one that was a "summer mix." It was too hot to ... to listen to a summer mix.
....It was only 9am and already it was 92°! It was too hot to ... go to work! How could I listen to a CD with the following songs in the midst of a heat wave?
...."Hot Fun In The Summer Sun," by Sly and the Family Stone. "Summer in the City" - Lovin' Spoonful. "Here Comes the Sun" - the Beatles. "Summertime Blues" - Blue Cheer. "A Summer Song" - Chad & Jeremy. "Summer Wind" - Frank Sinatra. "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" - Nat King Cole.

So much for that CD! It's too hot ... for those songs! I need a mix of cool, no, I need cold songs like: "Hazy Shade of Winter" - Simon & Garfunkle. How about "Winter Wonderland," or "White Christmas?"

You know it's too hot ... to listen to any music!

Thursday is supposed to be a continuation of the heat wave. That'll make four days in a row that it's too hot to...

Relief is coming our way for Friday! Maybe, just maybe on that day it won't be too hot to....but alas, someone will probably be too tired, and someone will probably have a headache.



Sudiegirl said...

Let's see - cold songs

****Cold As Ice
****Baby, It's Cold Outside
****Cold, Cold Heart
****In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening
****Cool Change
****Cool (from West Side Story)
****Cool Water
****Frosty the Bluesman (Heywood Banks)
****Cold Hearted Snake

Cold Movies
****Cold Comfort Farm
****Cold Mountain
****Cool World
****Be Cool
****White Christmas
****The Ice Storm
****The Polar Express

Marti said...

Great choices, Sudiegirl!

We got relief last night when a thunderstorm passed through. Hope you get some (relief from the heat *snicker*) soon!

Fred said...

I couldn't get past the first cartoon. I'm ruined for life.

Miss Cellania said...

Here, maybe this video might cool you down just a bit. The computer says the temp here is 95 at 11PM. I know thats not right... it couldn't bew more than 90 out there now!

Marti said...

I agree, it's too hot to go to work! LOL and it's too hot to live Texas! Love the picture of the pig!!

Janet said...

I think I'm the only person who can walk around in heat like this and STILL manage to crave things like coffee and soup:)

Lisa said...

love the "thongs" cartoon. You know, when I was a kid "thongs" WERE those flip-flop shoes. Now when I talk about my thongs, my kids giggle.

Miss Cellania said...

I also consider geeks to be highly intelligent, but where is that leading?

Christina said...

It's funny, but just last night, as I was putting on a pair of flip-flops to run an errand, I thought, "wierd how we always called these 'thongs' but now that means underwear." The cartoon cracked me up, ROFLMAO!

Another interesting thing - people usually come to Florida because it's warmer here, but right now I think it's cooler here than in most places in the continental US. Although more humid than many.

poopie said...

Finally dropped below 90 here in Tennessee...It's on the way to you!

Carolyn said...

How did you know I was too tired and that I had a headache? Oh, wait, you were talking about YOU! Hahaha! This heat has melted my brain into a small puddle of gray. Remember potted meat in a can? That's what this heat is turning my brain into. ;D

LZ Blogger said...

I loved the girls in the thongs! I always wonder why they came in pairs though? ~ jb///