Friday, November 03, 2006

Disguise In Love With You

Some costumes you might have missed ...
...Or you are glad you did!

Have you ever seen people in costumes that had you scratching your head and asking yourself, "What is he or she supposed to be anyway?"

From the following five descriptions, can you guess what their disguises were meant to represent? Try to fill in the blanks. (The answers will appear at the end of the post.)

  1. Man in gondolier's garb complete with the hat, a red and white shirt, and black pants. He has accessorized those with dark sunglasses and a red and white collapsible cane. He was disguised as a ___________?

  2. Man looking, at first glance, like the grape character in those Fruit-Of-The-Loom commercials, except he is wearing a soldier's helmet, khaki pants, army boots, and is carrying a realistic toy gun. He was __________?

  3. Man wearing a pink body suit which gives him the appearance of being completely nude. The "nude suit" is complete with a penis exaggerated beyond anatomically correct proportions. He is wearing only one other thing - a pair of roller skates. He was disguised as a ____________?

  4. Woman with an unlit cigarette dangling from her lips, wearing a tight blouse open to her midriff , a short, short mini skirt, over fishnet stockings , and extreme high heels. She is covered in sparkling glitter. A curious clear cube is attached to her rear end. It must be obvious that she is disguised as ___________?

  5. Woman wearing a strange costume which gives the appearance that she is walking on her hands. A fake head is attached between the "arms." Above, between her spread "legs" is a large plastic bowl filled with Styrofoam. One of the "feet" is clutching a bag of Ruffles. She is supposed to be ____________?

So, how do think you did? Did you ace this quiz?


-1) Venetian Blind; -2) Grapes of Wrath; -3) Pull Toy; -4) Hoar Frost; and -5) Chip Dip

I think I just heard the cacophonous groans echoing throughout the Blogosphere.



Steve G said...

A big groan here...but my brain and the rest of me is frozen today.

kenju said...

Congratulations if you made those up and thanks for sharing even if you didn't!

Also thanks for the visit and the nice words. Aren't we lucky to have been there and seen all that?!

Sudiegirl said...

my mom dressed up as a bedside table last year and called herself a "one night stand".

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Too funny!

I didn't get any of 'em!

Jack K. said...

Add another groan to the cacaphony.

tee hee

Marti said...

Venetian Blind! Oh klordie! Tht one really got me, I don't know why!

Thanks for the giggles!

Christina said...

very funny! "venetian blind" hahahahahahahahaha!

Serena Joy said...

Another "groan" checking in. My brain must be pretty sore -- from all the mental exercise, of course. LOL. I just flat-out cheated and looked at the answers.:)

Sanjay said...

Disguise in love with his I want to say his this is my frist comments.