Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Turkey's Prayer

The Turkey's Lament*

Turkey is perfect for Thanksgiving day

Unless you're a turkey and here's what I say:

I am a turkey and I don't think it's nice

For my ball to be buttered and filled up with spice.

You stuff me with cornbread and pat my behind

Then stick me in the oven for a very long time.

You slice up my breasts and put them on a platter.

My feelings and hopes just don't seem to matter.

I'm cooked to submission then you have your way

With my legs and my thighs and things I can't say.

I pray that you put yourself in my place,

And show me some mercy when you say grace.

Before your bountiful Thanksgiving feast,

Pray not over fowl, but some other beast.

I hope you know I think it's all a sham,

Thanksgiving dinner should always be ham.

*I cannot claim this as an original work. Although I did edit it and add some lines of my own, I actually found the verse on a thread in a chat room.

From me to you, an early wish for a ...




lime said...

the prayer is funny. the picture is just disturbing!

Rhea said...

That cartoon was great. If only animals could protect themselves that way...

Anonymous said...

Borrowed or not, still nice. What is that turkey gobbling?

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I do know that top cartoon was funny as hell! And that was an excellent little ditty, there man.

SJ said...

LMBO, but oh dear. Gives me second thoughts when I hear the turkey's side of the story.:)

Chelle said...

LOL you certainly come up with some funny stuff!!! lol I love the picture! hehe

Jack K. said...

Did you see where that turky was putting its beak?

Man, that's gotta hurt.

It is probably safe to say the turkey is not named Monica, or is she?


Karen said...

and bush is the biggest turkey of all!