Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Zee Sveedeesh Cheff

"Hello oooot zeere-a in Bluglund. Ooh buy, I em gueeng tu cuuk up sume-a guudies fur yuoo in thees shoo tudey. Bork-bork-bork!" *

*( "Hello out there in Blogland. Oh boy, am I going to cook up some goodies for you in this show today. Bork-bork-bork !")

"I em zee Sveedeesh Cheff ooond tuedey I em gueeng tu cuuk up sume-a scroomptoouoos deleececies frum my fefureete-a meet - dug. Bork-bork-bork!" **

**( "I am the Swedish Chef and today I am going to cook up some scrumptuous delicacies from my favorite meat - dog. Bork-bork-bork !")

(I am using the "Enchefenizer," found here to translate the Swedish Chef's dialog. Check it out. Just type something in English and let this generator create some 'Chef-ese' for you.)

The Swedish Chef's Menu for today follows: (with English translations)


Peekeengese-a Refeeuli ( Pekingese Ravioli)


Culleee-a Greens ( Collie Greens )


Ireesh Setter Stoo ( Irish Setter Stew )


Veeener Dugs Veet Schnoozerkroot ( Dachshund Dogs with Schnauzerkraut )


Cheehooehooa Choo Meeen ( Chihuahua Chow Mein )

Germun Shepherd Peee-a ( German Shepherd Pie )

Keeshund Lurreeene-a ( Keeshond Lorraine )

Spuneeel & Meetbells ( Spaniel & Meatballs )

Steek Terreeereki ( Steak Terrieraki )


Berenese-a Sooce-a ( Berenese Sauce )

Beechun Freees ( Bichon Fries )

Vheeppet Putetues ( Whippet Potatoes )


Beked Eleskun Melemoote ( Baked Alaskan Malamute )

Yurkshure-a Terreeer Pooddeeng ( Yorkshire Terrier Pudding )

No dogs were actually cooked, consumed or otherwise harmed in any way during the preparation of this blog.



Raggedy said...

Thet ves a vunderffool pust.
Thunk yuoo fur zee leenk.
Bun Epeteet!
Hefe-a a febooluoos dey!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Jack K. said...

Can you say the same thing for the recipes? giggle, snerx.

Karen said...

woof, woof!

Christina said...

fery foonny!

bork, bork, bork!

Thoughts said...

K, I am completely offended, you left out my favorite!

Just where do you add the Pit Bull Pops?

Kewl post...


Serena Joy said...

My dog is now traumatized. LOL!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hey, I just cooked up some pied a terrier. Want me to send you some?