Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is It Safe ?

Can you guess from my crude rebus what I did today?

From the Post-It slip can you guess why?

Warning: Do NOT trust Blogger's new "auto-save" feature!

I did! - - And it didn't !

The yellow flag said that my post had been saved. Below there was a link to the post list. I clicked on that. I dropped by a few blogs from my blogroll for a while. A little later I returned to my blog to do some editing before publishing it.

It was gone!

If that wasn't enough aggravation for one day, I was unable to leave any comments on several blogs!

Good night ! I'm going to bed!



schnoodlepooh said...

That's some bad blog luck that you had. I have had that happen to me before. It's always the most witty and creative posts that get lost. BTW, there is a bridge over here that's for sale... just kidding!

John Pangia said...

I've made it a habit to do everything 'offline', in Notepad, including the html, tags, etc - Then when I do go to Blogger, it's copy, paste, done, and they can't screw with my original.

Peter said...

Hi Mike, I'm finding the new auto save very good now I've worked out a couple of its peculiarities, it's best to post from the edited version than direct from the posting window or you will sometimes still have a draft version after posting, it seems that you need to enable comments from post options sometimes, a one off operation I believe, this is perhaps why you couldn't comment at some sites today?? comments not enabled.

Kelly said...

I for one ~haven't any idea what you lads are going on about. yellow flags??~~copy,paste?? offline??autosave??
I just simply type something~~click on ~~uhhh~~uhhh~~ oh shoot what's the name of that button I hit?~~ Oh bother, now I can't remember.
Maybe that's why I don't have trouble. I haven't a clue what I'm doing.
works for me. ;)

Cheri said...

Oh....poor need some TLC!!

Serena Joy said...

Blogger's been doing a lot of weird stuff lately. I guess as long as we can laugh about it...

jules said...

Well, I DID get your comment. And you're a naughty, naughty boy.