Friday, January 20, 2012

Scratched: Seven Year Itch

This posting is for sake of posting in honor of a "blog-iversary." This date 1/20, marks the seventh (7th) anniversary of this blog. In that time I've published, including this entry, 2140 posts. During the same period there have been over 610,000 hits on visitor meter.

I still have not got my mind set focused on posting to my blog. To even say the posts have been sporadic would be a stretch.

My decision to quit smoking back on June 5, 2011 led to my initial neglect here. Then there were a few medical issues which were more distractions than threats to my over all health. (By the way, as of this date, Jan 20, 2012, I have successfully managed to go 238 days without having a cigarette!)

Currently there are a few more challenges/obstacles facing me and my family, but the end is in sight. I will not offer any details until after the fact and things become relatively normal for us. I cannot promise that my posting will ever be as prolific as it used to be, but it will become more often within the next month to two months.

I decided to spice up this brief post with a few interesting images. I hope you readers at least get a chuckle from them.

№ 2140