Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Author-ized At Last

When I was posting on a regular basis to my blog, one of the staples offered here was original fiction.  A few of my regular readers were followers of my stories.  These stories included short stories as well as some novel-length features.

Almost all of my stories were posted on this blog in a serialized format.  Some of the tales took as many 50 or more postings before they were completed. Many of the readers' comments on those posts had the same theme:  You should publish your stories!

Well, readers, I have done just that! Unlike those who read the story in serial entries, you can now read it one complete book.

My first published novel is under the title  The Quill and the Quire.  The book is for sale for the low price of $6.00 and can be purchased from the publisher via the following link:

It is also available at Amazon.com.  Just type in the name of the title in the search box.

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