Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bizzaro's Blizzard

Aftermath: Blizzard of '05
Three feet of snow, topped with another 7 inches two days later, can create some amazing sights. Having seen enough, too much, of the amazing, I found myself looking for other results. I wanted to go on about neither the damage, nor the sizes of snow banks and drifts. I wanted to observe and to offer to you the oddities. I looked for the unusual, out of the ordinary sights. I especially wanted to find the comical results of the storm. From my personal observations, as well as from media images on television and in the newspapers, I did manage to find a baker's dozen.
  1. A plow truck buried in the snow. Did it break down?
  2. A Mini Cooper parked in a shopping cart corral.
  3. A sign partially obscured by snow reading "Dumping Here."
  4. A man engaging his snow blower, the spewed snow flying 10 feet into the open front door and onto his wife in pajamas sipping a cup of coffee.
  5. A man pushing a shopping card full of snow on street. Was the sale on snow that good of a deal?
  6. A traffic cone turned upside down into a snow bank, topped with a large snowball, giving the appearance of an ice cream cone.
  7. A black silhouette figure of a boy with his tongue against a metal pole.
  8. A snowman built upon the roof of a plowed-in VW Beetle.
  9. A U.S. flag on its pole frozen stiff unfurled as if in a stiff breeze.
  10. A Christmas tree stuck into a snow bank, comlete with ornaments and lit lights.
  11. My sign in my yard reading "Free Snowman - some assembly required."
  12. A toilet with water closet, sitting in cleared out parking space to prevent others from parking there.
  13. The neighbors dog that jumped from the porch "onto" the snow. To the surprise of the dog and of its owner, it sank over 3 feet to the ground in the loose packed powdery snow.

I wish there was more, but those were the best of the odd and comical.

~No. 10

Johnny Carson
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Johnny Carson

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