Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kindom With No Queen

In the small kingdom od Concordance, which borders the Land of Blabber, the inhabitants were lost, seemingly without purpose or guidance. Although the reigning Queen was off on a well-earned sabbatical, there was much unrest among Her subjects.
There were rumors that an evil force was trying to usurp the throne. Could the Mad Egyptian have eyes on the small monarchy? Whutabowtbob everyone was wondering. Or was the more sinister Janelle trying to turn the eyes of the men away from Her Majesty?
Gloom appeared on the face of the court jester, bluedillydilly, who, as of late, wasn't his usual funny self. The leader of the elves, dmelf was having trouble controlling her magical boot! The chief cook, cooki, was becoming a tax collector! The skies were darkened as Sunshine appeared less frequently. Gypsy was wandering more than ever before. What was wrong with gamegirl's game plan? Why was cats wearing the same old pajamas? Had our small town gal forsaken the safety of the closet for the mystique of the big city? People were getting very suspicious, as to just what point was shaving. Why was billy spending so much time down under? Someone had stolen soccer's ball. Yo! anyone seen jo? Was Jason going to make another scary movie? Why was griff saying what's the diff? Was it really that simple for kim and her daughter renee? Has augiedoggie seen doggiedaddy lately? Then there were the missing. No one has seen jeri, peg, or p2 for a while. We all hope that lisa is quilting. Is lenore nevermore?
Meanwhile, the bots were still posting their ill-gotten high scores, but what gain and for what purpose? The cambots, Janelles evil minions, were as annoying as ever, after all, they were spelldown's Hari Krishnas.
In spite of all the conspiracies and attempted coups, the little kingdom was holding its own, maintaining its place on the map. So far, the invading forces had not broken their resolve.
The day would come, that the troubadors would sound out the tidings, and the cacophony of the
throngs would echo from Concordance to Fuzzy Warm places. Yes, Her Royal Highness, ruler of all Concordance, would triumphantly return.
See her regally stroll down the mile-long red carpet! See bob, recovered from the gunshot wound, gleefully spread the rose petals before each footfall. See point shave the rough edges of the carpet! See Sunshine brighten the day! See blue giggling and contagiously spreading laughter to the others! See cats in shiny new pajamas! Dmelfs boot has been polished to blinding brilliance! Small, soccer, game, jason, and jo cheered. Kim, augie, and griff weren't to be outdone! Mad, as it turned out, wasn't after the throne, he had been guarding, protecting it!
They all strained to see Her as she passed. The day that the Queen, Marile, returned was declared a holiday for one and for all throughout the land! LOng live the Queen, and long may She rule!
For more humor check out my buddy, one of the stars of this epic tale
No. 8


Jude Allen said...

LOL! Very good, inventive use of the regs names and a good story to boot! I hope you dont mind, as i kinda took a little of what you wrote and ran with it. Figured that story needed the jester's point(pun intended)of view. lol!

Anonymous said...

Your posts make great reading!! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I loved your Concordance fable, point! It fits right in with my game plan!