Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Vacuums Hate Nature

What can one talk about, when one has nothing to say? When asked to speak one's mind, how is this possible when one's mind is blank? Can one talk about nothing? It is said that politicians can speak at length without saying anything. Is it possible to say something, and yet say nothing? Surely, in this case, nothing is something. Isn't it?
There must be something to nothing. After all, we hear nothing all the time. When athletic team is shut out, they scored nothing. Isn't that something? "Hey buddy, got a fiver I can borrow?" "Sorry mate, my pockets are empty." But wait, don't pockets have insides? Now that's something! Even Shakespeare wrote "Much Ado About Nothing." There must nothing in something; if not then nothing is nothing.
I'm glad this makes sense to no one because I know nothing of the something I am talking about, because I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Something about nothing has to better than nothing about something.
However, if this makes sense to someone, then they know something of the nothing that I don't know what I am talking about.
That means they know exactly as much as I know. Nothing !!
Now, is that something?

Since, I have nothing to say about something, I will say nothing until I think of something to say.

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