Friday, April 22, 2005

Flayed and Keelhauled

Imagine having your skin scraped off and then be bound by your wrists and thrown overboard a ship at sea. Imagine trying to hold your breath while the crewmen haul you underwater beneath the ship from port to starboard. Finally, imagine the sting of the salt water on your raw skin!
~ It's not the sort of thing I'd wish upon my worst enemy. But as I write this, and as you read it, it's about to happen to us all! Well, actually we won't be flayed and keelhauled, but it will be just as bad.
~ It would probably be more correct to call it McCained and Kennedyed! In an AP article, it was reported on Friday, April 22, that the Senators McCain and Kennedy are co-authoring a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. Under their proposal, these people would be fined, but allowed to remain in the country to earn a chance to apply for permanent residency.
~ The Flayed and Keelhauled Bill would be an alternative to President Bush's guest-worker program, which of course caters to big business and corporations and which is opposed by many conservatives. The McCain-Kennedy proposal would allow illegal immigrants to acquire 3-year visas, renewable one time. After 6 years of work, they would be eligible for legal residency.
~ McCain said it would not be practical to deport 10-12 million illegals. He cited that there would be those who'd say, "Send them back to their own countries." (Count me as one of them.) "It's not going to happen," McCain said.
~ I submit to both McCAin and Kennedy, if these illegals aren't honoring their visas now, what makes them think they will be interested in this option? It ain't going to happen!" Imagine the rush of 10-12 million people pushing and elbowing to be first in line to come out of hiding to stay in this country. Unless I miss my guess, aren't they already here? Aren't they already working? Aren't they probably not paying taxes? Aren't they managing 7-11 Convenience stores? Aren't they driving cabs?
~ I wouldn't doubt that some of them are manning the ropes on a ship, keelhauling our flayed asses underwater in stinging salt water right now!

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