Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fractured Etymology No.7

The Pointmeister put on his glasses and rolled up his sleeves and dug into his dictionary and came up with a few more words for your edification,
  1. Accord - a lot of firewood
  2. Arctic - common misspelling of artic
  3. Astute - a small statue
  4. Britches - nasty wealthy women
  5. Brouhaha - giggles from drinking too much beer
  6. Budget - Neanderthal term for "get me a beer"
  7. Cereal - continuing story about corn flakes
  8. Commentators - ordinary potatoes
  9. Donate - past tense of donut
  10. Ennui - where you find a tear drop
  11. Java Script - a cup of coffee and a morning newspaper
  12. Pastry - a tree from which the sap is made into paste, related to the rubber tree
  13. Piazza - catcher for the Mets
  14. Placebo - a toy gazebo for dolls
  15. Popsicle - a large tricycle for adult males
  16. Pugilist - a roster of prize fighters
  17. Puppets - tiny pop-ups on a computer
  18. Quarterback - change from a dollar bill for a purchase of 75 cents
  19. Rhubarb - Ru Paul's sister who dresses up as a man
  20. Utilitarian - person who works for the electric company or the gas company

~ The next edition of Fractured Etymology will return. There's always room for Jello and some new words!

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