Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Harbinger of Spring

Well, I just saw the first sign of spring,
And no, twas not the very first robin
Outside in the back yard a-hoppin;
It was not that the trees are greening.
It was not that the clock has changed,
And not that all the snow has thawed;
It wasn't that the mower's overhauled,
Or that the furniture was rearranged.
No, it wasn't because days are longer,
Or that our clothing is much thinner;
And not that my team was no winner
Opening day, the other was stronger.
The kids with bats, balls and gloves,
Playing on all the parks and the fields,
Are not the signs where winter yields
To spring's flowers and morning doves.
I just saw today the surest sign of all,
That one certain harbinger of spring;
Yes today I saw that one special thing,
I saw it today, the very first carnival.


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