Saturday, April 16, 2005

High Road To Low Life

When the inmates run the asylum, all manners of strange stories are the results. When law breakers have more rights and receive better treatment than the victims, our judicial system is in dire need of a major overhaul.
~ From his book Evil: An Investigation, Lance Morrow says, "Evil portrays itself, almost with exception, as injured innocence, fighting back." That certainly seems to be the case when you hear about the defense ploys of some of the accused.
~ One might feel like a homesteader in a wagon train being drawn into a circle to fend off an Indian attack. Leading the charge are the defense Attorneys of the perpetrators. The following are actual cases where the accused claim to be the victim, and where the "real" blame belongs.
~ A man shot another man in a restaurant after an argument over a lounge singer. The shooter claimed he was nervous because of terrorism. He bought the gun because the country was in an Orange Alert.
~ A female Air Force Captain was facing Court Martial after testing positive for cocaine. Her husband claims he was at fault; he had put cocaine on "himself" prior to her performing oral sex.
~ A nursing home aid raped and impregnated a comatose patient. He claimed his intentions were honorable. He was trying to shock the victim out of her coma.
~ A lawyer found himself as a defendant after sixty-one child porn movies had been found on the hard drive of his computer. He claimed it was ddue to a mysterious porn virus that had infected his computer, not once, but twice.
~ A man assaulted a woman who was sunbathing topless on an isolated beach. The man claimed the attack was the result of his indignation by the woman's nudity.
~ A Port Authority cop was caught video-taping an 11 year old girl taking a shower. His defense? He claims it was because of stress from the 9/11 attack. The girl's actions earlier were so suspicious, he felt obligated to keep an eye on her.
~ A man savagely beat his girlfriend and threw her infant son against a wall. The perpetrator claimed that PCP dust had floated down from a hotel balcony and landed on his head.
~ An investment counselor faces the judge after he had ripped off up to 53 people for $7.3 million. He claims he has an addiction to money.
~ An African-American man whipped and beat his two year old son to death. He said that he was suffering from "post-traumatic slave syndrome!"
~ A pedophile is accused of twice grabbing a co-worker's ass at a homeless center. He claims it was due an "involuntary muscle spasm."
Is that enough to "impress" you just where our judicial system is heading? Talk about a high road to low life! The previous cases all resulted in convictions, though some will probably be appealed. Want to be impressed even more?
The following cases have lead to dismissal or have civil suits pending.
~ A careless teenager had fallen into a gorge. Risking their own lives over a 300 foot gorge, firefighters retrieved him in dramatic fashion. The teen's injuries however, proved to be fatal. The parents have sued the firefighters for not securing his head properly.
~ A woman became pregnant by her boyfriend while the two of them were incarcerated on separate charges. The family of the girl are suing the sheriff for not preventing the sex. They are seeking child support.
~ A woman left a smoldering cigarette in her car. In a resulting fire, her toddler was severely burned. She successfully sued Philip Morris, the maker of the cigarette, and is awarded $2 million.
~ A man is electrocuted while knocking a palm frond from a power line with a pool skimmer. His widow has filed suit against the pool supply store because the pool skimmer did not have a warning label.
~ A New York City man climbed atop a garbage truck at the WTC during the clean-up after 9/11. When the truck pulled away he fell off. He is suing the garbage firm for "failing" to respect his rights as a pedestrian.
There you have it. Sad to say, but it appears that the bad guys have the advantage all over us in the white hats. No one wants to be a victim, but it sure would be nice if we were playing on a level field. I don't know about you, but this is positively the last time I take a wagon train, especially one that uses the high road to low life.
(Please note that the this blog has taken excerpts from an article appearing in the May 2005 issue of Playboy magazine. What kind of man reads Playboy? The Pointmeister does.)

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