Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Double Life

I have found that leading a double life carries a lot of responsibilities. While the transition from one to the other and back isn't easy, it can be managed. In any event, the two lives represent separate existences. The two personae are like two ships passing in the night. There may be a brief passing exchange by the two, but there is no mergence of thoughts or exchange of ideas. For each is well aware of the other, possessing common memories.
~ There is the diurnal self, the stronger of the two, the most dominant. It is he who goes to work. It is he who pays the bills. His memories and experiences are assimilated, drawn upon by the alter ego. He is the one who deals with life head on.
~ The nocturnal self, on the other hand, is the brains of the outfit. He contemplates and summarizes the events and travails of the day. It is he who must absorb all that has happened in the past twelve hours. The lessons learned in the day are processed by him, imprinted for future reference. This part of me could well be called the Dark Knight, were it not that Batman had already been assigned that sobriquet.
~ I have learned that these personae can co-exist in this shell that is me. Mr. Diurnal lives the events, experiencing the trials and tribulations. My work, my leisure and my time with my family are quite simply elements of the plot. Mr. Nocturnal is the diarist who records and saves the drama for my personal prosperity.
~ Many of the blogs I post are a product of that partnership. Of course, there are certain liberties and exaggerations taken. I know this isn't Hollywood, but it is posted into a public domain. Without sugar candy is bland, and as such a blog must be sugar-coated from time to time. After all, this is the Blogoverse! The Blogoverse is bigger than us all.
~ It is within the nocturnal mode that I now reside. Earlier it was with pen and paper that this piece was spawned. Now with fingers playing upon a keyboard, I have committed it to screen. All that is left is to run the spell check, before I lastly engage publish. There is no bravado to embellish this action. One instant it stares back at me from the Compose screen, the next it is gone from view.
~ Call it hyper space or a worm hole, or think of it as a simple transferal of data, nonetheless the blog reappears as the latest entry on my site. In truth, it is our site! It is a public domain. Twenty four hours in the life of a blogger, this blogger is just another day when you lead a double life.

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