Monday, May 23, 2005

Extra Innings

Yesterday was another washout, another day of activities that have to rescheduled. While the rain was intermittent, the field conditions dictated that the game could not be played. The tarp was laid out protecting the equipment. The lawn mower was idle in the bullpen. From the stands, my wife serving as General Manager, had me penciled in for some mop up-chores.
~ Under contract, I was compelled to fulfill obligations to the team. It was all well and good as I didn't relish sitting on the bench watching from the sidelines. Weather permitting, would be a double header tomorrow. It was too wet for any activities on the field, so I volunteered for the road trip.
~ She has accused me of being too sports-minded at times. She feels I spend too much time in front of televised games. Where does she get these ideas anyway? There it was, she had down on an 0-2 count with runners on second and third. So far, I had been hitless on the day, three times hitting weak grounders to the infielders. She'd made her pitch and I swung for the fences. "Nonsense," I said, "I only watch the Red Sox' games!" She'd hung a curve ball right in my wheel-house. As I circled the bases, I was hopeful that she wouldn't realize that the Sox play 162 games!
~ "Life can be like a ballgame," I told her. "It is easy to find sports cliches that can be applied to even the most mundane moments of a day. In fact, you could say that our discussion was an official's conference over a close play."
~ I had stolen the ball and was breaking all alone for a slam dunk! But somehow she caught me from behind and blocked the shot! This only goes to show you that you can't win them all. Indeed, it ain't over till it's over. I took solace in the fact that it isn't whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts. Competition fuels the spirit.
~ Although I didn't need to be reminded, she made note of the fact that it is a long season. One game does not a season make. I was struck in awe by the profound meaning of that fact. I didn't have to hit a home run. She didn't have to strike me out or block my shot. I might run an interception back for a touchdown, but I could always miss the extra point.
~ Life is like a competitive game in many ways. We don't need to dwell on set backs. We can take the ball and run, or we can settle back into a stifling defense. We can step back up to the plate after being brushed back by a high and inside fastball.
~ For the most part, my wife and I have always played on a level field. There is no home venue advantage. When all is said and done, we do play for the same team! There are no winners and there are no losers.
~ Hmm...I still have a chance to get back in this game. After all, it is Extra Innings!
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