Sunday, May 29, 2005

Instant Replay

Do You Remember? (SNL)
Live from New York, it's Saturday Night! Babwa Wawa Schwing ! Bass-O-Matic Ooooh Noooo!
Jane, you ignorant slut! Land Shark No Coke, Pepsi. Samurai Delicatessen
The Not Ready For Prime Time Players We want your pollen. Don Pardo
I am Gumby, dammit! We are from France. Placenta Helper
We are two wild and crazy guys! It's always something. I'm Chevy Chase, and You're not. Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers
~Gimme Mick It's a floor wax, it's a dessert topping. Jake and Elwood Blues
Do You Remember? (Kid's Fare)
Grape Ape Speed Racer Fractured Fairy Tales The Banana Splits Schoolhouse Rock Fat Albert Slamo
Secret Squirrel Shazam and Isis New Zoo Review
Space Ghost Penelope Pitstop Tennessee Tuxedo The Archies
Top Cat Johnny Quest Magilla Gorilla Yogi Bear
Do You Remember? (Toys)
Viewmaster Etch-a-Sketch Ant Farm Barrel of Monkeys Twister
Rockem Sockem Robots Tinker Toys MouseTrap Ouija Boards
Chutes and Ladders Cootie Lincoln Logs Sea Monkeys Uno
Do You Remember? (TV)
Charlies' Angels Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman The Gong Show
The Man From Atlantis Mork and Mindy Love, American Style
Dark Shadows Marcus Welby, MD. Truth or Consequences
Soap 77 Sunset Strip Land of the Lost Grammarock Maude
Do You Remember? (Commercials)
I can't believe I ate the whole thing! L.S.M.F.T.
Where's the beef? Hey Mikey, he likes it!
Plop, plop, fizz,fizz, oh what a relief it is!
When it says Libbys, Libbys, Libbys on the
Label, Label, Label, You will Like it, Like it,
Like it On your Table, Table, Table! Sorry, Charley!
Ruffles have R-r-r-idges! Oh oh, Spaghettios
They're Gr-r-reat!! I'd like to buy the world a coke...
Ask any mermaid you happen to see Ho, Ho, Ho,
Green Giant! My dog's better than your dog
I guess I waxed a little nostalgic with this collection of memories. Are you like me and remember all of them? Were you touched by that Indian with the tear in his eye as the litter was tossed at his feet? Can you recite the PLedge of Allegiance? Did you ever get up to change the TV channel? Do you remember Quisp cereal? Could you name that tune in four notes? Have you ever had a Fudgesicle ? Did you ever watch Concentration? When you were a kid did you ever play spin the bottle or post office or try to pin the tail on the donkey? Remember that knight with the magic jousting pole...Stronger than dirt ? Those were the good old days, weren't they?


the many Bs said...

My dog's better than your dog????? I don't recall that, but I'm embarrassed to say that I do remember everything else. Oh no! I'm OLD! eeeekkkkk

Jude Allen said...

lol point, well,..i have to admit, i remember most of that stuff too (well, all but one) :D wasnt grammarock a part of school house rock? (if it wasnt, than im wrong about 2 lol :D )