Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I suppose I could have just left the title line blank rather than follow form and function. As it stands, by placing "Untitled" there, I have in effect given this posting a title anyway. Regardless of the effort to stay within the confines of writing etiquette, I am confounded by an occasional bump in the road such as this.
~ Does a title merit more importance than the content over which it holds sway? If a subject is untitled, must it follow that the subject matter must therefore be themeless? Perhaps a topic can be so interesting and informative that no title could be justifiably applied. On the other hand, the insignificance of a theme and its banality, might better equate to anonymity.
~ If a piece of writing is titled, then the body of the text should, to a degree reflect that title. The author can ebb and flow without being accused of being quaquaversive. An untitled piece has no such restrictions. Indeed, an untitled article can drift from one theme to another without rhyme or reason. Fragmented thoughts can be committed to screen, whether the meld or not, as long as they flow fluidly.
~ Suppose for a moment, that I had assigned a title and then left the body blank. Is it possible that it would convey as much and make as much sense as what you are now reading? This exercise is leading up to a new concept in blogging. It will be an example of grandiose authoring if ever there was one! This unique form of posting will be tantamount to no other. There will be no title. There will be no body of text. Are you ready for this? There will be no author mentioned either. That's right, not even a URL will be present.
~ The whole blogosphere could be turned upside down!

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