Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What Were They Thinking?

The following are snippets from a regular column that appears daily in the Boston Herald. These are taken directly from the Boston Police Department's Blotters.
I'll Have 25 Cents Worth, Please
~ Sales Contreras found out Saturday night that a quarter doesn't go far these days. Our hero allegedly solicited the services of a woman he thought was a prostitute. It turned out however, she was an undercover police Officer.
~ He honked his horn at the woman and pulled up to where she stood on Norfolk Street in Dorchester. The last of the big spenders, he offered to pay her 25 cents for "everything."
~ When she asked what he meant by everything, he specified several sexual acts. Contreras was summarily arrested.
~ (One can only wonder if the officer might have been at least a little miffed what the man felt she was worth.)
A McNugget Short Of a Happy Meal
Darrell Allen, 33, of Dorchester and Balbene Samuels, also 33, of Roxbury, apparently aren't eligible any ways soon for Mensa membership. This was exhibited Saturday morning on Blue Hill Avenue. They were drinking beer in plain view of passing traffic, a misdemeanor.
~ Unfortunately for them, a police cruiser was part of that traffic. A subsequent search of the two men produced a 9mm and a semi-automatic handgun, both loaded, bags of crack and marijuana, two knives, and more than $1300 in cash.
~ (Do you think their confiscated knives were sharper than they were?)
From time to time when I find some these gems in the column, I'll post them here.

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the many Bs said...

All I can say is these people are "dumb shits".