Sunday, June 19, 2005

Going Commercial

I resisted at first. I tried, I really did. Maybe I didn't put up much of a fight. But in the end, I gave up. I wanted no part of banner ads. I decided also to stay away from the ads that appear in the side bar. That reminds me, I picked up a pebble on the highway yesterday. Sure enough, it cracked my windshield. So I called the pros at Car Glass Giants. In no time at all they were in my driveway replacing the glass. If you are need of a windshield and want fast and dependable service, call 1-800-CARGLAS. You'll be glad you did.
~ I especially wanted no ads that would induce pop-ups onto unsuspecting readers. Those of you who have them, please get rid of them! They are very annoying. Excuse me while I take a sip from a 12-ounce can of Polka Cola. The two leading brands were afraid to invite us to their taste tests. Why? Because Polka Cola is the best! Now available in handy fridge packs. I did however, relent to commercials for this posting as a trial run. I chose unobtrusive ads, those that appear subtly in the text. They blend in seamlessly and are not a distraction to the reader.
~ When taking photographs, always remember to use authenic Kayak photo-quality paper for professional results. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive at first. Was a source of income worth any negative feedback from the readers? I have to admit that the flow of this blog seems to be smooth and uninterrupted. For whiter whites and brighter brights, try new and improver Apex laundry detergent, from the makers of Goofy Goop, the wonder glue.
~ It goes without saying, a good blog needs to be continuous and adhere to the theme intended. There should not be any disjointed sentences...Men, are you having trouble in the bedroom? Does your woman say, "It's okay, you're probably tired?" Try our new male stimulant, Hardman. Make your woman say, "Oh my, you want to go again!" So if you want to stay hard, man, get Hardman today!...or choppy fragmented thoughts. Your goal is to be eloquent and yet terse and to the point. Above all, it should be entertaining. You want readers and you want them to keep coming back.
~ If you choose to use ads on your site, choose those ads that are subtle and don't interfere with your blogs. Above all try not to choose ads that may offend others. Do you sometimes have trouble containing gas after eating? Try our new Gas-B-Gone. Our capsules blend with your digested foods and helps you to produce pleasant aromas. No longer will your company detect foul odors. Our product comes in a variety of scents, such as lilac, rose, vanilla, apple pie, and the latest, strawberries and cream.
~ I guess the real test will be when the visitors to my site sample this blog. With ads or without ads, that is the question?
~ This blog has been sponsored by the makers of Pate Wax. Tired of a dull bald spot? Make it sparkle with Pate Wax. Until next time, we will see you here at the same blog spot at the same blog time. Keep blogging, bloggers!

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