Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Honey-Doings: Part II

When last you were here, the epic struggle of man vs. the Honey-Do list was in full swing. The action had been halted to allow for trash disposal and refueling. An onion roll stuffed with some mortadella, salami, bologna, and a slice of cheddar cheese, swathed in mayonnaise constituted the necessary fuel required before work could resume.
That resumption, at 12:30, had me filling a bucket with hot water and mixing in some bleach. Standing on a chair, I next scraped about four or five spots on the ceiling where some chipping paint had ben threatening to fall, I helped it along.
~~I probably don't need to tell anyone, but scrubbing a ceiling to remove mildew spots, is not a natural activity for the shoulders and arms of a man. This is especially true when one is closer to the door marked '60' than it's '50' counterpart. The larger open spaces were scrubbed with a long-handled stiff brush. The tests of my mettle though, were the corners and that point where wall and ceiling met.
~~An unscheduled, but necessary break was taken after the ceiling had been scrubbed. While the circulation was returning to my aching arms, I decided to utilize the facilites. Not a bad deal, that wheen you need to use a bathroom, you happen to be in one.
~~It was while i was in that less than dignifying but appropriate position, that I remembered the window. That's right, the window that was at that moment sans treatments. From where I sat, my first floor bathroom was syzygial to the neighbor's upstairs bedroom window.
~~Whether anyone was behind that darkened window, I didn't know. Had there been someone there, they weren't going to see anything more, they most likely had already seen what I had to offer. As such, and to let them know all was well with the world, I waved and saluted. It felt good knowing that they knew everything had come out okay! (Ahem.)
~~The peep-show raree over and my contribution to the world's dwindling sea level well on its way, I returned to work. After scraping the door and its woodwork, I once again grabbed the scrub brush and commenced to attack the walls and woodwork. ~~By the times the walls had been scrubbed it was 4PM. Knowing that they would be needed tonight and tomorrow morning, I replaced the shower curtain rod and rehung the liner and shower curtain. The toiletries were left in the box and placed under the sink. I stood in the doorway looking into the bathroom. Except for the wallpaper, it nearly looked unchanged.
~~It had taken all day just to prepare the bathroom for the next phase. But phase two wouldn't happen until day two of the Honey-Do vacation. Day two, well is another chapter, a chapter that as yet hasn't been written. A preview: day two will feature painting.
~~Coming soon to a blog near you, a tale so vast in scale that it could not be told in one posting, and could only be called "Honey-Doings: Part III."
~ (Baby Huey, I guess could represent the baby in me? Beany & Cecil on a cruise - perhaps where I'd rather be? Ah, the Plugger, he who fixes things against all odds!)


Unknown said...

Hi Hale, I enjoyed reading YOUR blog as well. I know exactly where Clendenin is located. I was born in Madison, in Boone County, in 1960 and I grew up in Welch, Point Pleasant, DuPont City, and Belle. It was interesting as I was writing that post and, as usual, I had no real idea or plan to even go into such detail with regard to landmarks of my childhood, but things like Sea Breeze, Krogers and even Rambler Station Wagons just came flooding back - Just like an Atlantic Wave. My father was treasurer for a coal company - Hawks Nest Mining Company and his office was in Montgomery which is where I first attended college - West Virginia Tech. It's a very small world, isn't it? I have bookmarked your site and plan to visit and read more. I have also sent the link to my father who is big on genealogy and when he's not out working on tending my yard, he's in front of his computer searching for ancestors and, well, let's face it Hale, that can be a dangerous hobby given the mangled roots of any WV family. I've made peace with it. I'm pretty certain my parents are first cousins and somehow that helps me sleep at night - though you wouldn't know it by the wild hour that I am writing this! My daughter has been in NYC and NJ for the past week or so and will be visiting Boston on Wednesday and Thursday I do believe. How are you handling the heat wave? She was pining for air conditioning. We're a little more accustomed to it in the south, plus we keep the a/c on pretty much non-stop. Take care and do keep in touch. Susie Parker - susiewrites@ec.rr.com

the many Bs said...

Wow, you are having some real fun. What a vacation! I'm glad you're keeping up on your blogging.