Thursday, June 30, 2005

Honey-Doings: Part VI

It was still day three and I had overcome all the obstacles that had been thrown in my path. It was now 1PM in the afternoon. The storm had raced in a downpour that had lasted all of twenty minutes. The storm was probably angry that it couldn't make my life any more miserable. It had rained on my parade, only to find that I wasn't marching. It made a few angry gestures, swearing at me with a few thunder booms and several moments of its light show. In the end, it just simply blew over.

While it was raining, my freshly painted windows stashed out of the elements, I had been to the hardware store and back. The last of the raindrops had fallen by the time I had put the new panes of glass into the window, tapped in the glazing tacks and applied the glazing. By the time the lightning and rumbling were barely perceptible, I had gone back to work in the bathroom. It was almost time to start painting in there at last.

With the windows out of the casement, I was able to scrape cracked paint I couldn't get to earlier. It is amazing how far a paint chip can fly! It is definitely a job that requires safety glasses. I had been finding paint chips in the dining room, nearly twenty-feet away from the bathroom window. I suppose they could have fallen from my clothing or my hair.

I sometimes have those moments at times like this, that I just ... think. Now don't try this at home! Sometimes I just start thinking, wondering about ... things. You might even say that I even wax ... poetic! I was wondering how far a paint chip might travel if was set free into the wind.

Oh, Little Paint Chip

Cast upon the wind, Flying High and free,

Where you may have been , Is some mystery.

How was it you're cast, So far from the place

From whence you were last, Before flight into space?

Oh, little paint chip, Borne upon the breeze,

So far was your trip - From beyond the trees.

Finally, the painting had begun in earnest. This process went smoothly without a hitch. I started with the window. Because there was obviously more area to paint, the door and the woodwork framing it took a little longer to cover than did the window. As I had suspected, a second coat would be necessary. But because of the humidity, which had increased in the aftermath of the rain, the paint wasn't drying as fast as I had hoped. Undaunted, I carried the paint and brushes out to the porch. At least the windows themselves would receive a second coat.

It was 3:15 and the realization that I hadn't had a thing to eat all day, determined my next course of action. After cleaning up the brushes and making sure everything was put away, I declared Honey-Do day three officially over. Tomorrow looked promising indeed. The first would be to give the window casement and door a healthy second coat of paint. Having accomplished that, there would be some much needed Honey-Do nothing time. In the afternoon ... wallpapering!

Coming soon, if you can stand the suspense, is day four in the Chronicles of the Honey-Do vacation, titled Honey-Doings: Part VII.


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the many Bs said...

Wow. I'm so excited. This is going well. I'm anxious for the chapter on wallpaper. I've been taking notes for my next home improvement project. You are a true Honey-Do professional. Your wife is a lucky woman.