Thursday, June 30, 2005

Honey-Doings: Part VII

When I went to bed last night, I knew today was going was to be day four of my Honey-Do vacation. When I woke up this morning , I knew it was day four. At 8:30 this morning, yeah I got up early today, I was having my customary cup of coffee it dawned upon me. It was day four!!

Over the second cup of java I contemplated what had to be done this day. Before anything else, the second coat of paint will have to be applied to the window casement and the bathroom door. Last night I had visualized that the time after the second coat was on would be some much deserved down time. I would actually have some time of my own that wasn't otherwise spoken for. I really have to something about those cataracts that inflict my mind's eye.

Only too often the reality of things are clouded by the rosy outlook of one's dreams. Although it was an integral part of the agenda for the week, any thought of it had been brushed aside ever since Part II. It wasn't under my nose, but it was over my head. Remember that free time I was going to have after after the second coats of paint? Kindly disregard that fleeting flight of fantasy. After the second coat painting exercise, the first coat of paint had to be rolled onto the ceiling! How could I have forgotten the ceiling? Oh yeah, it was over my head.

Taking a break around 12:30, I took in some groceries in the form of some left over KFC. (My finger-snapping buddy is happy he wasn't on the menu. And the dancing one, well she didn't quite make the grade.) Deciding to get some fresh air, I stepped outside to check the mail box. Whew! It was another hot and humid day. I assumed that it was probably hot enough to slow down the mailman, for the mail box was empty. Lest I too slow down, I returned to the air-conditioned confines of the house.

I looked up at the bathroom ceiling, it looked good. Why, I might even luck out and a single coat might suffice. I wasn't going to count on it though, it was still wet. Testing the paint on the window casement, I was pleased to find that it was dry. It was time to reassemble the window. In barely fifteen minutes the window was back together. Ba-da-boom! Ba-da-bing! Sometimes I am just too good for my own good! Sorry about the smug repartee. Where so much had been going south on me the last few days, I felt an inclination to celebrate at least one victory, no matter how small.

Soon the shades and curtains were back up. I am waiting until later to remount the mini-blinds, as there is a chance that a replacement may be picked up by my wife. She did mention that once the window was painted, new minis would look nice. Surveying the room, I had to admit it was looking like a bathroom again, a new bathroom. By the time I had cleaned up and put everything away, it was just after 2 PM.

I had achieved some down time after all. A second coat on the ceiling would have to wait for a couple of hours or so. That would allow it to dry completely overnight. Day five would be reserved for the final phase. Tomorrow, schnoodlepooh. Tomorrow, I wallpaper. This tale is nearing an end, and alas so is my vacation, but before that happens, we must survive Honey-Doings: Part VIII.


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the many Bs said...

Oh I'm so excited about the wallpaper. I can't wait. I really think that when this is complete, you must take a photo and post it on your site. After all of this build up, I really NEED to see the finished product. It has been making for pretty entertaining reading though.