Saturday, September 17, 2005

Trucking For Fun Things

The other day while I was trucking the web (surfing) for some images to harvest, I came across some cool sites. My name bouncing on the trucks above is one. It is amazing what you can find by entering "free" in the web search box. The images in this posting were found by clicking a link here and a link there - ( here a link, there a link, everywhere a link, Old McPointMeister had a blog....) - and they were free!
I must fulfil a request (actually it was a demand) by Hoss for a different license plate. Ask and you shall receive Hoss! In my previous post, "A Clean Plate?," I created several plates for him, Schnoodle, John, and Karyn. Okay, here you are Hoss:
You can make your own license plates at
ACME License Maker.

Maybe you would like to make a tombstone with your own original epitaph, like this one:
....You can make one at this site: Dog Crap .

Maybe you like church signs. Yes, you can make one of those too and put in your own inspirational messages. If you are interested, you can check it out at:
Church Sign Generator . There are three styles to choose.

I found this one at the license plate site. You can make your own Dymo Labels. You can use them for subtitles. So I made one announcing I had found it. (Please excuse the originality.)
For a direct link, check it out at: Labels by ACME Label Maker .

One last site to introduce to you; you have all seen those annoying "error messages" that pop up on your screens when you screw up! Well, I have. (I guess I am not as skilled at operating a computer.) Anyway you can make your own error messages. You can literally make hundreds of them.

My post "Errors of Your Ways" has several that I made.
You can make your own also from the site.

You can either take the site from the "ROFLMAO" error message to the right, or click this link: Atom Smasher .

So have some fun and make some license plates, labels, tombstones, church signs, error messages, and some bouncing truckloads of letters. Then feel free to:



the many Bs said...

Those are great. I might visit some of those sites for my "Your Name in Lights" posts. I especially like the tombstone (perfect for ol Hoss) and the church sign.

Nice Guy said... has many unusal and unique image makers (change the letters on real signs, banners, buttons, labels.