Monday, December 26, 2005

That's A Wrap!

By now, allowing for the rotation of the earth, everyone has seen Christmas come and pass. The celebrations are over. The feasts have been ingested, if not digested.

Most have assessed their booty. Gifts have been sorted into separate stacks - one for the keepers, one for re-gifting, and another for returns. Crumpled and tattered paper has been reduced to the undignified fate of filling trash containers, bearing little resemblance to the proud trees from where the wrapping came.

Some of the stuff will remain beneath the once shining tree, a display of the haul taken in by each member of the household.

Who among us can claim they are humbled before that treasure? While we look upon our spoils, do we remember, or even try to remember what it all represents?

I wonder what the Magi would think if they had set out following a star in the sky in today's world. I think they would just keep riding toward the horizon and not look back. (That is if the expressway wasn't bumper to bumper.)

Their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh would probably end up in the re-gifting pile today. The kid wanted an X-Box. Ralphie would have shot their eyes out with his Red Ryder bee-bee gun. Meanwhile the State fuzz have pulled Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar over for operating camels without a valid license. It seems that they will be booked for smuggling across the border. No one will believe these Camel Cowboys about a moving star and the birth of a king.

Another Christmas has passed, and there is little doubt that even fewer people will ponder about the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for giving.

I too, have become lost in the commercialization of Christmas. Yet, I can sit back and proudly say that I know the story. I know the reason, and I know that we aren't worthy. When the day comes that we remember the spirit of the giving before the receiving, then and only then will we be worthy.



Duke_of_Earle said...

Amen. Well put!


Long Iron said...

I agree whole heartedly. I also think before one single bow is ripped off the packages or one shred of paper is destroyed, that Christmas mass should be attended otherwise the true meaning of Christmas will indeed be lost. And the children of the future will be performning in pageanst and not really knowing why. Amen indeed!

Shannon akaMonty said...

My daughter and I attended church yesterday morning~it was lovely. It kept the true meaning of the celebration in the forefront of our minds.
That's important to me. :)

the many Bs said...

I wish you could see christmas at the schnoodle house.