Friday, March 31, 2006

O-Blog-Di O-Blog-Da

I keep a little black book. It's always on my person. It's everywhere I go. I never leave home without it. I never know what I might pick up on a given day. The best ones are given stars.
....I might make an entry of ten or more daily. I could be on a parking lot, idling at a red light, or parked on the street, and pick up something interesting. Maybe I'm walking through the aisles of a supermarket, hardware store or drug store when I meet, see or hear an interesting subject.

Lest you think you are going to read about some juicy trysts or carnal adventures, allow me to quell those thoughts now. I am not writing down telephone numbers and addresses of the hot babes I have been picking up. No, I'm afraid not. My little black book is not that kind of black book. In fact calling it black is a misnomer. It just so happens that the notebook I am currently using is black. Last week I was using a red one. In a couple of weeks it might be a little green book.

My little book is simply a pocket sized spiral notebook. My entries are just notes, thoughts, or ideas that may present themselves to me. Some of those entries are destined to become a blog. Anything that happens, especially that which I feel is funny, is jotted down in a brief sentence or just a single word. Sometimes it is something I heard on the radio such as a song or a news flash. It might originate from the conversations of others.
....The post yesterday, for example was from an idea I read in a comic strip. You might ask what sparked this particular post. This post started with the cartoon above, and it evolved into what yopu are reading now. The title? At about the same time I downloaded the cartoon, the Beatles' "Obladi Oblada" was playing on the radio on my desk.
....If you haven't figured it out by now, I had a bunch of nothing to write about when I sat down at the computer this evening. Curiously when I have something to write about, the end result can be ... nothing. Yet, nothing can end up becoming something, even if it happens to be about nothing. Now isn't that something!
....So I decided to post some of the things that I have been writing down in that notebook for the past week or so. What follows will be posted at random and will have little or nothing in common.

**M_ckey, M_nn_e, M_ghty = three blind mice

**Found a title or nickname for Hoss: Sterculius - God who rules over feces and dung; depicted as a dung beetle

**That new KFC commercial with the rodeo riders on a chicken: Doesn't it sound like the man singing is saying something else instead of " big buckin' chicken?"

**Before television did everyone eat: Radio Dinners?

**Rick Petino when he resigned as head coach of the Boston Celtics several years ago made this statement when asked why he was quitting "I am tired of the morass of negativity that exists in Boston sports reporting." Hmm ... since when is there anything negative about more ass?

**Now this is one interesting example of a sentence using a similie: Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy field toward each other like two freight trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:30 pm travelling at 55 mph, the other from Topeka at 4:19 pm at a speed of 35 mph. (I think I found this on a link on one of Miss Cellania's posts.)

**Oblogdi oblogda life goes on bra
Lala how life goes on.



Miss Cellania said...

Yeah, that quote about the trains was from the college essays gone bad. Love your post today! Stericulus, indeed!

Shannon akaMonty said...

LOL! I thought the exact same thing about the Big Buckin' chicken.

And Burger King is still champeeeeen of the creepy commercials. *shudder*

I've often thought of carrying a little black book because I can't hold on to a thought longer than a minute...
but I'm afraid then I'd suffer from performance anxiety. :D

Shannon akaMonty said...

Oh, and how many stars would I get? :)

Webmiztris said...

"Yet, nothing can end up becoming something, even if it happens to be about nothing. Now isn't that something!"

this is so creepily similar to my post today that I'm skeered!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE those creepy BK commercials. No idea why, but that big fake smile cracks me up everytime. I still like Rally's burgers better though.

Yes, yes I did wonder about that KFC commercial.

Kat said...

That KFC comercial creeps me out. It's just not right. *shudders*

Karen said...

O-Blog-Di O-Blog-Da life goes onnnnnnnnnnn...

oh, i love that song!!

Peter said...

Well now we know how you can post 500 times per year Mike, it's all in the book.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Sterculius? Really? I will have go Google this right smart quick...

Nankin said...

I'm afraid I'd lose a little black book if I had one. A friend gave me a mouse pad not too long ago thate said, "Be careful, what you do may be in my next book". Sounds good to me.

Lee Ann said...

Nice idea...a little journal on the go!
Thank you for stopping over at my Castle...I hope you will come by more often.