Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Matter of Perspective

Sign at Central Radiator, Inc:
" The best place in town to take a leak."

Speaking of signs:

"Rear End Specialists"
(Auto mechanics or Proctologists?)

"We Fill Holes."
(Plasterers or Gigolos?)

"Who's Your Daddy"
(Music Store or DNA Testing Clinic?)

"Come In For A Piece"
(Cat house or a Pizza Shop?)

It's just a matter of perspective....

I just added a music player from here to my sidebar. So if you'd like a tune or two while you're here, feel free to turn it on. (Click on "select a station" and then "Pointmeister's Station.") I only have a few songs set up so far with some Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkle, Neil Diamond, Queen, U2, Stevie Wonder, The Clash, and Sly & the Family Stone.
....(I know, that sure is a strange mix!) Don't like my selections? Hey, I had pick the ones from the list that I actually knew!
Even with music, It's a matter of perspective...
....If you have any suggestions for songs you like to hear, I'll set up a "Commenter's Station," and the songs if they are available at the site.

Speaking of perspective:

Lament Of A Whipped Man

My wife said she'd leave me if I played golf again;
I relented since I never broke one hundred-ten.

My wife said she'd leave me if I went fishing more;
Just as well, never caught the big one I was wishing for.

My wife said she'd leave me if I bought the big screen TV;
It's okay, the way my team's playin', it's mustn't be seen TV.

She said she'd leave me if I played Texas hold 'em;
I never won anyway, I'm always having to fold 'em.

And she'd leave me if I didn't throw out my old chair;
Alas, I sit in it outside - besides, I love the fresh air!

Then she said she'd leave me if I went out drinking;
I don't like hangovers, so it got me to thinking...

That if she ever said she'd leave me if I posted this blog,
I'd help her pack and hold the door for her and the dog!



Peter said...

We can be pushed just so far Mike!!

"Lament Of A Whipped Man"

Miss Cellania said...

Love that poem! How about this sign at a muffler shop: "No need to call ahead, we'll hear you coming!"

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is nice.

jules said...

Laughing at the banana/vibe comic.

Doug Bagley said...

LOL, thanks for the laughs.