Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ea$y (In)come Ea$y (Out)Go

I was suspicious when it came to the new redesigned money. I'm not the only one who thought it looked like Monopoly money. Then my suspicions were justified when I used one of the new $100 Federal Reserve Notes to buy some gasoline. This is what I got back for change! (It sure seemed like it!)
....Sheesh! I might as well have landed on Park Place with a hotel! These days you need to hire a Brinks truck to accompany you to the gas pumps. What a bunch of crap they taught us in Economics! (When I think back on all that crap I learned in high school, It's a wonder I can think at all. - Paul Simon)

....Remember the "law of supply and demand," folks? If I remember correctly, it stated that when the demand goes up, the price goes down. For your consideration, I submit gasoline to debunk that law. Of course, my statement is debunked instead; for when when the demand exceeds the supply, the price rises.
....I know that the world's supply of oil is finite, but so is the supply of cash in my wallet! Have you ever noticed that "live" rhymes with "give" and "sieve?"
....There is one phenomenon that I find to be a bitter pill to swallow. When the price per barrel of oil is increased at say 2 PM EST, the price is "adjusted" at the gas stations by 2:05 PM. Yet, when the price per barrel of oil decreases, it takes two weeks before it is reflected at the domestic gas pumps. Meanwhile, and this is the kicker, the stations' gas already in the ground was purchased at still another price the week before! Is there, or is there not something wrong with this picture?

Ah, but herein lies the rub. Oil is the world's life blood. At one time we were led to believe that our country's wealth was backed by the gold in Fort Knox. Then supposedly they changed the standard from gold to silver.
....Oh, really? I beg to differ! The way I see it, our economy is backed by two sources. One of these is the National Bank of Mobil-Exxon. The other is the wholly owned subsidiary of said bank, OPEC, which is the acronym for Oil Profiteering and Extortion Countries.
....To understand the structure of these entities, we need go no further than to identify who is in charge of the whole shebang. The former is controlled by the Bungling Usurpers and Shit Heads. Perhaps you are more familiar with them by their acronym: BUSH !
....OPEC, on the other hand falls under the auspices of a group of camel jockeys wearing Depends on their heads. I'm sure you can now see the correlation between the two groups.

I don't envy those who drive those super-sized gas guzzling SUVs. Dwarfed by them in my small 4-cylinder Sonoma pickup, I'll just tighten my belt when the gas station attendant grabs me by the ankles and shakes $25 out of my pockets.
....Fortunately, I had a coupon for 10 cents off per gallon. The single dollar the attendant begrudgingly handed me wouldn't even buy a cup of coffee at a non-gourmet coffee shop. But it was mine, all mine!

After gassing up, I made a stop at a nearby supermarkup supermarket for a couple of necessities for the house. What? $4.50 for a gallon of milk!! Since when do OPEC and BUSH have their sticky fingers on the Dairy Industry?
....Oils well that ends well?

Note: For the last two days I have been unable to open the comments sections of many Blogs - including my own - except for those who use Haloscan. There seems to be a problem with Blogger? (Is it possible?)
....I did discover that I could read the comments left on my Blog, but only by accessing them from the post manager of the Blogger dashboard.
....This will explain why I might have been a lurker at any of your sites and not left a comment. Also, if others are experiencing the same problem, at least they do have a way to view the comments left them.



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