Monday, January 22, 2007

Quizzically Yours

Let's have a little fun with pictures in a different kind of trivia quiz. From my twisted thought processes, I have selected a group of pictures that have reminded me of: the titles of songs,TV shows, movies, etc.
....How many can you guess? (Your answers may differ from mine. Indeed some of your answers might be better than mine.)

1.) Name that C&W tune:__________?

2.) Name that oldies tune__________? (two possible answers)

3.) Name that 60's tune:__________?

4.) Name that Connie Francis tune__________?

5.) Name that TV Reality Show__________?

6.) Name that TV comedy show __________?

7.)Name that TV Game show__________?

8.) Name that TV sitcom__________? (two possible answers)

9.) Name that TV show__________?

10.) Name that movie__________?

11.) Name that horror film__________?

12.) Name that comedy movie__________? (the sequel counts too)

13.) Name that consumer product__________?

14.) Finally, name that war__________?

My answers will appear in the comments section.



Hale McKay said...

My answers:

1)All My Exes Live In Texas
2) Silhouettes
--or THe Shadow Of Your Smile
4)Stupid Cupid
5)The Apprentice
6)The Munsters
7)Wheel of Fortune
8)How I Met Your Mother
--or Three's Company
9) Desperate Housewives
10) With Six You Get Eggroll
11) THe Puppet MAster
12)Analyze This
--or Analyze That
13)Milk (Got milk?)
14) the war on terror

HOw'd you do? I'll bet there are some better ones.

Scary Monster said...

Here be me answeres written before me took a gander at yours

Stand by your man~ But I’m thinkin…Stabbin your man

No Idea STOMP! Sulk.

60’s??? Dude looks like a lady

stupid cupid

Those tits be too unreal. Me brain is in a tizzy

I'd like to say the Munsters , but me would be insulting Fred Gwynne. So I’ll just say the Gong show so we can carry this fool offa the stage.

Let’s make a deal???

Threes company or all in the family. Me used to love both till me saw this cartoon.

Mission impossible, I dream of hooters, Bonanza.

Big mama’s house (of pain)

Child’s platy starring sucky, oops :*chucky*

STOMP, Stumped again.

The Playtex 18 hr bra.

The Halliburton incursion

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I could have enjoyed this, except I'm not a breast man. Yuck says it all for me. (Plus which, I don't know any movie names, except Casablanca, and I didn't see Humphrey anywhere.)

jules said...

Very funny stuff Mikey.