Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Great Debates

This is not going to be a narrative about the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. It will not be a discussion of the Kennedy-Nixon debates either. Being the historians that I know you are, I'm certain you are disappointed. (The title, however, was a ploy calculated selection to draw history buffs to this post when they google for research to complete their college theses.)

No, I'm going to explore far more important and significant debates. I'm talking about those life altering decisions and arguments that we face every day of our lives. These are the topics of discussion that can decide the fate of mankind.

For the sake of both space and time, I'm not going to state my own personal stance on these issues. (Besides, from my perspective if your position differed from mine, I'd be right and you'd be wrong.) As such, I'm only going to bring attention to them. Please feel free to express your opinion.
I would be remiss if I lead off any dissertation about debates if I didn't start with the eternal question: Toilet paper - from the top or the bottom ? This topic will forever evoke heated debate.

The rest, in no particular order:

Near and dear to the heart of the male of the species: Mary Ann or Ginger ?

Top or bottom ? : (Bunk beds - what were you thinking?

Darrin Stevens: - Dick Sargent or Dick York ?

Star Trek captain: - Kirk or Picard ?

The glass is: - Half-empty of half-full ?

PC or Mac ?

Ellie Mae or Granny ? - (Just checking to see if you're paying attention. I fear Miss Jane will get some votes.)

Slow dance or fast dance ?

Bond, James Bond - Sean Connery or Roger Moore ?
The following are more a matter of preference as opposed to being subject to debate:
Tastes great! Less filling!
Your place or mine?
Regular or decaf?
Smoking or non-smoking?
Paper or plastic?
Window seat or aisle?
Heads or tails?
Baked or mashed?
Chocolate or vanilla ?

This post - Thumbs up or thumbs down ? (Remember, I'm right, you're wrong!)

End this post - Yes or No ? (I'm right again!)



Miss Cellania said...

This is the only way to hang a toilet paper roll.

Hale McKay said...

Miss C., I have no doubt that this will simply cause another debate - "from the left or the right?"