Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It Makes Census

Wake Up Out There!

Get With The Program!

Have you filled out your Census form and put in the mailbox?

NO? Why The Hell Not?

Don't you realize that there are millions of illegal immigrants depending on you?

A new report by the U.S. Census Bureau that puts the number of "unauthorized and quasi-legal" immigrants in the United States at about 8.7 million - double the previous decade's number - has spurred calls by immigration reform groups for tighter immigration controls.

Wait A Minute!
It's The Illegals Who Aren't Filling Out The Form!

On the local evening news I saw a reporter interviewing people about the 2010 Census form. She was talking to people in an area of a city known to be a haven for illegal aliens.

Reporter: Have you mailed in your Census form?
Woman: No!
Reporter: Why not?
Woman: I don't know what it is for?
Reporter: The government wants to know how many people live in America and where they are located.
Woman: No hablas Anglese.
Reporter: If the government knows how many people there are, then they can allot more money and aid to those who need it.
Woman: More money? How much more money for me?
Reporter: That depends on how many people fill out the form and list how many people live in the household.

Woman: Let me get this straight, if I fill out the form and say how many people live with me in my house, I can get more money?
Reporter: Well, yes, if you are a citizen and meet the government's requirements.
Woman: No hablas Anglese!

After that woman slammed the door in her face, the reporter next spoke to some of the people on the street. If they spoke to her at all, the questions and answers pretty much went the same way.

In wrapping up her story, she summed it up with the conclusion that the illegal aliens/immigrants do not trust the U.S. government. They fear deportation if they were to stand up and be counted. They fear that they might lose some of the misbegotten benefits they are currently receiving. They fear being evicted because more people other than their extended families are living in their domiciles than permitted by the city laws. They fear that they will have to pay taxes. They fear having to pay for anything that they are currently getting for nothing.

They have become masters of hiding in plain sight! Filling out the Census forms would jeopardize their right to do so. If they'd wanted to be held accountable, they would have remained in their own countries.

Of course, they have aces up their sleeves! Can you say "A.C.L.U."? The Aliens Civil Liberty Union have their backs. Yes, Sharpton and his minions will stand up for them and fight for the rights for which they are not entitled.

They are here (in this country) illegally and we have to accept that fact.

Wake Up Out There!

At least stand up and be counted!



Sandee said...

Yep, and they just keep coming. Drop the anchor baby and get on welfare. That's the way they get on the dole.

Have a terrific day. :)

Hale McKay said...


They talk about controlling the influx of illegals - but talk is cheap. It's high time they took some action.