Monday, April 12, 2010

Running On Empty

The past two weeks I feel like I've been running on fumes.

As in the past at this time of the year (from mid-March to mid-April) I never seem to have much in the tank.

I know it's redundant, but the two previous statements are rife with cliched banality.

This year, it seems it has been more difficult. My giddyup has gotten up and went without me.

I've never been one given to depression, but I think this is the closest I've come. Yep, this normally funny guy is a little in the dumps. One thing is keeping me afloat though - and that's knowing that I am not alone.

In a word - I'm so broke I can barely pay attention.

The Northeast, like a lot of the Eastern seaboard was deluged with seemingly non-stop rain a few weeks ago. I was fortunate in that I suffered no flood damage, but my job requires a lot of driving and I had to be out in the downpours and had to navigate flooded streets for several days. Understandably, a lot of rain can depress anyone, so I repeat, I wasn't alone.

March is also the month in which I am due for my vehicle to be tested for the State Inspection sticker. For the first time since I've owned it, my '98 GMC Sonoma pickup truck flunked! (There was a small leak in the exhaust system.) It used to be that in Massachusetts we had 30 days to get it fixed.
Not so nowadays! It "must" be taken care right away! One can even be pulled over by the police as you drive away from the place where you just flunked the inspection! The law has the right to make you get out of the vehicle and have it towed.
Well, that took place on a Tuesday and I took my chances until Friday (pay day) morning. Two hours and $185 later it was repaired and I was given a passing sticker.

On my job I get paid every two weeks per my visits to a list of scheduled elderly clients. I don't get paid if I don't visit them. (I don't get paid for my gas either.) If the economy wasn't bad enough the State has cut back on funds for elderly care. To make matter worse, three of my regular clients are currently in the hospital, one is in the process of moving, and still another has gone to Florida for a month.
Translation: My hours are down and the bills are status quo!
...And oh by the way, April the 15th is only three days away! Yep, you guessed it - I OWE!
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came crashing down upon his head ...
Sorry for the less than cheerful post, but I feel better now that I jotted down all the above in this forum.

Hopefully within a week I'll feel spirited enough to go culling through the web to harvest some jokes. By then I should be able to get the creative juices flowing to come up with some original humor also.

Thanks for "listening," I needed to let off a little steam. Even if it is personal, it does feel good to vent and to rant.



Hale McKay said...

For those who are following it, the next installment of "Butterfly Dreams" WILL be posted on schedule.

Anonymous said...

You share all the good, you might as well share the bad too. That is what we can do for you...listen! Hope things turn around soon for you.